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Fishing Like A Boss Play Video

Fishing Like A Boss

58 months ago 184,675 31

This dude takes his kids on a fishing trip and shows them how to fish like ...

Bus Driving Like A Boss Play Video

Bus Driving Like A Boss

59 months ago 190,846 29

A flooded out road brought all traffic in this town to a complete standstil...

Painting With Glue Play Video

Painting With Glue

59 months ago 201,825 39

Michael Raivard shows off a very cool talent. Doesn't look like much until...

Background Kid Wipes Out Play Video

Background Kid Wipes Out

59 months ago 147,582 1

Sometimes becoming a star can happen just by being in the right place at th...

Bump And Grind Computer Crash Play Video

Bump And Grind Computer Crash

59 months ago 103,110 1

That computer crash was definitely the result of user error. Don't worry. A...

Train Travels At Over 300mph Play Video

Train Travels At Over 300mph

59 months ago 199,642 7

To everyone in the United States this a technological marvel that is capabl...

Who Did This? Play Video

Who Did This?

59 months ago 153,432 7

Two little puppies turn their buddy in when the owner finds a big mess in t...

Rappeling Face Smash Play Video

Rappeling Face Smash

59 months ago 52,522 112

"I don't rappel often, but, when I do, I rappel head-first." - The Least In...

Kitten Rescued From Pipe Play Video

Kitten Rescued From Pipe

59 months ago 124,650 1

A kitten is trapped inside a pipe and a trio of firemen work together to ge...


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