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Sex Loophole Play Video

Sex Loophole

50 months ago 49,753

Well, as long as Jesus thinks it’s OK. (WARNING: Language)

NFL: Bad Lip Reading Play Video

NFL: Bad Lip Reading

50 months ago 137,798

Been wondering for years what everyone’s saying during the games, haven’t y...

Meanwhile, in Japan View Gallery

Meanwhile, in Japan

50 months ago 9,600

Back to Japan because to full catalog all their weirdness is going to take ...

Top Ten Wins of 2012 Play Video

Top Ten Wins of 2012

50 months ago 54,481

There were a lot of fail videos in 2012, but there were also lots of good W...

The WTF News Song Play Video

The WTF News Song

50 months ago 1,758,581

The only thing missing from an F-bomb laced news cast is a melody.

12 Hot Biker Girls View Gallery

12 Hot Biker Girls

50 months ago 244,063

Bikers are traditionally gruff, angry dudes in leather and denim. They nee...


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