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Black Diamond Jet Team Play Video

Black Diamond Jet Team

54 months ago 93,422 16

As cool as it is to watch these guys from the ground, the POV footage of th...

Unbelievable Double Overtime Play Video

Unbelievable Double Overtime

54 months ago 63,022 2

Final game of the season. Double Overtime. Playoff seeding on the line. N...

The Periodic Table Table Play Video

The Periodic Table Table

54 months ago 69,022 1

This guy loves science so much that he spent years working on a Periodic Ta...

A Snoring Hummingbird Play Video

A Snoring Hummingbird

54 months ago 74,100 9

Cute little hummingbird has fallen into a deep sleep and woke up the family...

Dubstep Violin Play Video

Dubstep Violin

54 months ago 154,421 32

I guess this is what happens when you take Dubstep and toss in some hot chi...

Peoria Lake Carp Hunters Play Video

Peoria Lake Carp Hunters

54 months ago 147,997 13

What do you fish with? A pole? Lame. These men fish with baseball bats full...

Crowded Koi Pond Play Video

Crowded Koi Pond

54 months ago 84,836 1

Anyone else think this Koi pond might be a little bit overstocked?

Facebook Dad Vs Dr. Phil Play Video

Facebook Dad Vs Dr. Phil

54 months ago 124,551 5

I don't think this looked like a guy that would get ripped apart by Dr. Phi...


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