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Dude Attacks Street Performer Play Video

Dude Attacks Street Performer

62 months ago 176,709 18

A business man can no longer handle a street performer's singing so he atta...

Reporter Pulls Over Cameraman Play Video

Reporter Pulls Over Cameraman

62 months ago 250,123 48

A reporter accidentally hooks a microphone wire just as she is about to sle...

Belly Dance Fail Play Video

Belly Dance Fail

62 months ago 159,301 4

This belly dance video features a beautiful girl who gets in a fight with a...

What Is Sharking? Play Video

What Is Sharking?

Sharking is a practice that involves the pulling down of unsuspecting women...

Party Fail Compilation Play Video

Party Fail Compilation

62 months ago 234,647 5

Hilarious little compilation of some party fails from 2010.

Kid Gets Knocked Out Cold Play Video

Kid Gets Knocked Out Cold

62 months ago 163,038 147

This is the first and probably last time this dude puts on a pair of boxing...

Hugh Jackman Nutshot Play Video

Hugh Jackman Nutshot

62 months ago 96,167 209

Hugh Jackman is having a rough month. Starts off by busting up his eye on ...

Mini Fridge Beer Cannon Play Video

Mini Fridge Beer Cannon

62 months ago 106,659 240

This mini fridge beer cannon robot is pretty cool. I sincerely hope that bu...


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