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The Prediction Play Video

The Prediction

71 months ago 198,367 3

Using psychology this guy will guess exactly which block you will end up wi...

Party Boxer Knocked Out Cold Play Video

Party Boxer Knocked Out Cold

71 months ago 227,817 397

Great knockout, but I think I like the winner's look of genuine surprise at...

Smell My Finger Play Video

Smell My Finger

71 months ago 671,299 11

The arrow on the hotness meter dropped so fast for this chick it almost sna...

Couple Terrified On Ride Play Video

Couple Terrified On Ride

71 months ago 186,878 25

Insane how scared this couple is riding an amusement park ride. Not sure w...

Rip Stick Failure Knockout Play Video

Rip Stick Failure Knockout

71 months ago 143,963 1

When you factor the medical costs for a concussion and broken ribs into its...

Destroy the Wall 3 Play Video

Destroy the Wall 3

We've destroyed the first and second ones and made our way to number 3. Dir...

Hard Fight To Lose Play Video

Hard Fight To Lose

71 months ago 283,465 55

This is the first time I have ever seen a one-punch fight end with the lose...


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