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Meanwhile, in Japan View Gallery

Meanwhile, in Japan

50 months ago 18,652

Japan, land of the rising sun, video games and the weirdest cartoons ever. ...

12 Epic Public Shamings View Gallery

12 Epic Public Shamings

50 months ago 15,598

It's all well and good to be punished for a crime, but how is it funny if n...

Doing Her MMABC's Play Video

Doing Her MMABC's

50 months ago 55,837

Kinda wish we could see what happens to the first kid who tries to bully he...

Rejected Names For Horses Play Video

Rejected Names For Horses

50 months ago 34,801

Watch the clip and see if you can name a better horse, top comment wins a B...

  Road Ragin’ Russians Play Video

Road Ragin’ Russians

50 months ago 51,266

How is there not a show on TLC about Russian dash cams yet?

Hang Glide Window Slide Play Video

Hang Glide Window Slide

50 months ago 24,921

If only someone had opened that window he would have flown right through th...

Coach With The Assist! Play Video

Coach With The Assist!

50 months ago 116,717

This was exactly the way the play was drawn up... when the coach was 12.


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