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An Around-The-World Workout Play Video

An Around-The-World Workout

54 months ago 17,921 24

This guy decided to take an 18-month trip around the world and do a workout...

Coffee Faucet Play Video

Coffee Faucet

54 months ago 108,072 61

If there were ever a time to say 'shut up and take my money' this is that t...

Human Flight Play Video

Human Flight

54 months ago 37,243 3

In 2006, the Swiss pilot Yves Rossy became the first and only man in the hi...

10 Undersea Nightmares View Gallery

10 Undersea Nightmares

54 months ago 7,836 32

The great thing about the ocean is that it's chock full of playful dolphins...

Massive K'Nex Machine Play Video

Massive K'Nex Machine

54 months ago 59,520 6

This might be the most massive and thorough K'Nex machine we've ever seen. ...

Safe Sex For Seniors Play Video

Safe Sex For Seniors

54 months ago 42,870 4

We all get old, but that doesn't mean we can't still have fun, right? This ...

11 Bizarre Tombstones View Gallery

11 Bizarre Tombstones

54 months ago 9,418 1

A tombstone is pretty much your last chance to make an impression in this w...

10 Amazing Practical Jokes Play Video

10 Amazing Practical Jokes

54 months ago 88,224 3

We might have missed April Fools Day with these, but still some great pract...

Amazing Forklift Skills Play Video

Amazing Forklift Skills

54 months ago 73,916 13

Using a 40 ton forklift this dude picks a penny off the ground and drops it...

Baby Pull Ups Play Video

Baby Pull Ups

54 months ago 158,091 53

This 8 month old baby can probably do more pull ups than you.

14 Year Old With Epic Voice Play Video

14 Year Old With Epic Voice

54 months ago 80,281 186

Don LaFontaine passed away 4 years ago and was probably the most famous voi...


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