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Smooth Kid Gets His Kiss Play Video

Smooth Kid Gets His Kiss

53 months ago 142,429 4

How old is this kid? He's already making smooth moves, the very moves that ...

Epic Laugh During Game Show Play Video

Epic Laugh During Game Show

53 months ago 83,310 2,079

This dude has the most awkward yet contagious laugh we have heard in awhile...

Luckiest Tow Fail Ever Play Video

Luckiest Tow Fail Ever

53 months ago 68,673 61

This guy was towing a car when it suddenly got detached and barreled into t...

16 Fast Food Nightmares View Gallery

16 Fast Food Nightmares

53 months ago 11,226 1

Everyone who doesn't like their insides loves fast food, but some of it pus...

Paper Folding To The Moon Play Video

Paper Folding To The Moon

53 months ago 67,864 31

A piece of paper is .001cm thick. If you fold it in half it becomes .002cm...

ATV vs Cow Play Video

ATV vs Cow

53 months ago 148,308 2

Might be a good time to reconsider placing 40 different gadgets on your han...

10 Dismal Parenting Fails View Gallery

10 Dismal Parenting Fails

54 months ago 10,766 2

Not every parent is perfect, but there's a difference between letting your ...

1987 Anti-Drug PSA Play Video

1987 Anti-Drug PSA

54 months ago 53,900 2

It's April 20th. You need to see this. It'll save your life!

Asleep At The Wheel Play Video

Asleep At The Wheel

54 months ago 44,025 102

That bus might be a rather expensive alarm clock, but it still beats the in...

Sense Of Flying Play Video

Sense Of Flying

54 months ago 76,312 2

Awesome clip capturing what it feels like to walk up to the edge of a cliff...

Drag Race Car Explodes Play Video

Drag Race Car Explodes

54 months ago 37,942 103

This driver steps out of his race car after it blows up and does not look a...

Human Car Sounds Play Video

Human Car Sounds

54 months ago 149,140 4

This kid does an amazing impression of car engines. Not sure if it was as ...

Chop Chop Play Video

Chop Chop

54 months ago 25,210 1

This is a hilarious story of a man fighting to save the woman he loves... b...


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