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Crane Load Falls on Old Lady Play Video

Crane Load Falls on Old Lady 82 months ago

Amazingly, this tough old lady was fine afterward. I hope being smashed by ...

Close Call With Train Play Video

Close Call With Train 82 months ago

A train comes around a corner and surprises a couple kids and as one tries ...

Break Gallery CCXX Play Video

Break Gallery CCXX 82 months ago

Break Gallery #220!!! Happy Saturday to all, and to celebrate we are bringi...

Dumb Stunt Nut Ownage Play Video

Dumb Stunt Nut Ownage 82 months ago

This looks about as painful as it is stupid. Goodbye ability to have kids.

Usain Bolt Slow Motion Replay Play Video

Usain Bolt Slow Motion Replay 82 months ago

Usain Bolt smashed world records this week. This is the slow motion replay...

Tube Riding Play Video

Tube Riding 82 months ago

These guys use the floods Hurricane Fay brought to Florida to go tube ridin...

747 Struck By Lightning Play Video

747 Struck By Lightning 82 months ago

I was under the impression that this would make you time travel.

The Japanese Olympics Play Video

The Japanese Olympics 82 months ago

If these guys had spent the same amount of time training for a real sport, ...

Stay at Home Dad Rap Play Video

Stay at Home Dad Rap 82 months ago

Stay at home dads are a demographic that has been ignored for far too long ...

Break Gallery CCXIX Play Video

Break Gallery CCXIX 82 months ago

Break Gallery #219!!! What a week it has been peoples and we have the proof...