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Two Old Men, Worst Fight Ever Play Video

Two Old Men, Worst Fight Ever

58 months ago 299,273 23

You should see the woman they're fighting over. She's got wrinkles in all t...

"I'm A Stupid Cat" Play Video

"I'm A Stupid Cat"

58 months ago 208,088 19

Normally, this amount of self-indulgence in a song is a turn-off, but the w...

Tree Jump Fail Play Video

Tree Jump Fail

58 months ago 71,716 4

Just as this kid is jumping from a 2nd story window onto a tree his buddy s...

Insane Tattoo Removal Play Video

Insane Tattoo Removal

58 months ago 271,222 17

Laser tattoo removal can be very expensive and requires multiple appointmen...

The "Freshman 15" Song Play Video

The "Freshman 15" Song

Even Break U students are prone to putting on a little weight during their ...

Blanket Swing Accident Play Video

Blanket Swing Accident

58 months ago 84,289 3

These guys decided long ago that if their mom was going to keep having kids...


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