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Black Friday In Japan Play Video

Black Friday In Japan

55 months ago 203,496 79

We have all seen footage of store openings and huge crowds trampling each o...

What Is "Fus Ro Dah?" Play Video

What Is "Fus Ro Dah?"

Before you check out that Fus Ro Dah compilation, take a moment to learn wh...

Top 10 Animals Of 2011 Play Video

Top 10 Animals Of 2011

From a douchebag bison to a 'fraidy cat Tiger, these were the best animals ...

Yearbook Photo Scandal! Play Video

Yearbook Photo Scandal!

A high school senior in Colorado submitted a photo for her high school year...

Bride Sets Flowers On Fire Play Video

Bride Sets Flowers On Fire

55 months ago 80,832 1

Poor little flower girl waited the entire day to hand the bride her flowers...

Somewhere On The NYC Subway Play Video

Somewhere On The NYC Subway

55 months ago 105,725 5

The New York City subway gets a lot of negative press, but once in awhile s...

World's Three Toughest Men Play Video

World's Three Toughest Men

55 months ago 138,613 1

I've reacted more to stepping on a Lego than any of these guys did for just...


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