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1-Year-Old Drummer Is Amazing Play Video

1-Year-Old Drummer Is Amazing

54 months ago 154,770 130

After watching this video, I realized that my awesome scores on Rock Band a...

Fearless Play Video


54 months ago 231,943 11

Some of these tricks are so insane that no reasonable person would even att...

Skate Vs Parkour Play Video

Skate Vs Parkour

54 months ago 56,060 1

Very rare to see somebody this good include his fails in a highlight reel. ...

Chimp Doesn't Like This Kid Play Video

Chimp Doesn't Like This Kid

54 months ago 115,987 3

I love how Grandma just stands by laughing as the chimp wants nothing more ...

Mr. T Teaches You Fashion Play Video

Mr. T Teaches You Fashion

54 months ago 42,197 20

Apparently, sometime in the 80s, Mr. T decided it'd be good to teach Americ...

Skateboard Backflip WIN Play Video

Skateboard Backflip WIN

54 months ago 104,029 4

This guy performed a pretty awesome stunt, then celebrated. A lot. Though, ...

TV Hates Girl's Lip Syncing Play Video

TV Hates Girl's Lip Syncing

54 months ago 99,187 1

This girl decides it'd be fun to lip sync to a Taylor Swift song. However, ...

Trike Drifting Play Video

Trike Drifting

54 months ago 72,523 1

This looks like it would be so friggin' cool to do! It's like a real life ...

Japan One Year Later Play Video

Japan One Year Later

54 months ago 108,786 3

After watching this clip, my faith in humanity has been fully restored.


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