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Truck Stuck Play Video

Truck Stuck 86 months ago

Some Saturday afternoon off-roading in a Dodge truck goes bad.

Exercise Ball Knockout Play Video

Exercise Ball Knockout 86 months ago

Every day somewhere in the world an exercise ball is teaching some stupid k...

Milk Crate Car Jump Play Video

Milk Crate Car Jump 86 months ago

Some genius stacks up a couple of milk crates then has his buddy drive towa...

Worst Karaoke Session Ever Play Video

Worst Karaoke Session Ever 86 months ago

This guy was rummaging through his grandmother's house (she's the one in th...

Pedophile Beards Play Video

Pedophile Beards 86 months ago

From the makes of rapist glasses comes the new craze: Pedophile Beards!

Gymnast Misses Beam Play Video

Gymnast Misses Beam 86 months ago

Something tells me she is not going to get the gold.

Drunk Dude Nutshot Play Video

Drunk Dude Nutshot 86 months ago

Some drunk dude in an old school Orioles hat gets stopped in his tracks whi...

Korean Drummer Rocks Out Play Video

Korean Drummer Rocks Out 86 months ago

This Korean lounge act drummer thinks he's Dave Grohl in 1991.