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These Are Some Bad Situations View Gallery

These Are Some Bad Situations

53 months ago 9,076 41,265

Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation that could be good, could be ba...

Your Kids Are Jerks View Gallery

Your Kids Are Jerks

53 months ago 18,738 41,565

You think your kids are great? No, they aren't. They're most likely annoyin...

Your Childhood Is Ruined View Gallery

Your Childhood Is Ruined

53 months ago 18,631 1

As a kid, you don't notice some things. Your mind hasn't matured or become ...

Beastie Boys - "Sabotage" Play Video

Beastie Boys - "Sabotage"

53 months ago 31,074 1,248

In honor of the late and great Adam Yauch, AKA MCA, we present our favorite...

Steeplechase Fail Play Video

Steeplechase Fail

53 months ago 64,891 5

It's not possible to get any further from clearing a Steeplechase hurdle th...

Talking Goat Play Video

Talking Goat

53 months ago 110,232 13

We heard that some goats know how to talk. Is that true, goat?

South African Puppet Dancing Play Video

South African Puppet Dancing

53 months ago 60,113 42

Puppeteer controls two different puppets that simultaneously dance and grin...

Do Not Limit Yourself Play Video

Do Not Limit Yourself

53 months ago 109,231 10

A 47 year old disabled veteran who believed he was only capable of walking ...

9 Reasons to Never Trust Bees View Gallery

9 Reasons to Never Trust Bees

53 months ago 3,835 41,265

Bees make delicious honey, sure. But they also sting and come in Africaniz...

10 Disquieting Sock Monkeys View Gallery

10 Disquieting Sock Monkeys

53 months ago 6,090 14

There's always been something a little weird about sock monkeys, all smiles...

Lion Wants To Eat Baby Play Video

Lion Wants To Eat Baby

53 months ago 106,999 5

Parents dress their baby up as a zebra and laugh as a lion desperately trie...


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