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Grease Lip Sync Play Video

Grease Lip Sync

70 months ago 210,774 14

In a single take 272 students of Essca High School do an impressive lip syn...

Soccer Direct Hit Nut Shot Play Video

Soccer Direct Hit Nut Shot

70 months ago 145,728 2

This player jumps and turns just perfectly to let his opponent accidentally...

Rock Slide Takes Out Highway Play Video

Rock Slide Takes Out Highway

70 months ago 255,307 1

These guys spend half a day removing a boulder from the highway and just as...

Frisbee Wall Throw Trick Play Video

Frisbee Wall Throw Trick

70 months ago 239,245 104

They say they did it in one take, but the horribly stupid dance they do at ...

Bus Ride Through Forest Fire Play Video

Bus Ride Through Forest Fire

70 months ago 129,954 4

This guy wakes up in the middle of his bus ride to find that not even an in...

Massive Crane Collapses Play Video

Massive Crane Collapses

70 months ago 170,926 1

These guys move a large crane too quickly and it collapses not only destroy...

Break Gallery CCCXLIV Play Video

Break Gallery CCCXLIV

Break Gallery 344! A very painful matador fail, a psychotic looking Easter ...

Marriage Proposal FAIL Play Video

Marriage Proposal FAIL

70 months ago 628,055 2

This guy should have googled the results of this kind of proposal before go...

Hot Girls Risky Business Fail Play Video

Hot Girls Risky Business Fail

70 months ago 1,456,545 7

There is no doubt this was an epic wipeout but I kinda wish I could of seen...


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