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Chick Tickles Demon Dog Play Video

Chick Tickles Demon Dog

58 months ago 142,989 2

Maybe he's not possessed by the devil. Maybe this dog just sniffed a bad cr...

How To Take A Nutshot Play Video

How To Take A Nutshot

Some of you may be thinking of uploading nutshot videos for your coursework...

Frisbee Diving Dog Play Video

Frisbee Diving Dog

58 months ago 110,912 2

Labrador uses a pretty cool technique to snag two Frisbee's lying at the bo...

Buying A House For 16 Dollars Play Video

Buying A House For 16 Dollars

58 months ago 149,553 10

This guy figured out how to use an old Texas loop hole to buy a foreclosed ...

Just The Majority Play Video

Just The Majority

58 months ago 45,791 2

This is a hilarious song from DJ Lubel that looks at racial and ethnic ster...

The Future Of NASA Play Video

The Future Of NASA

58 months ago 158,808 5

Neil deGrasse Tyson gave a lecture at the University of Buffalo and the hig...

Houseboat Jump Fail Play Video

Houseboat Jump Fail

58 months ago 125,365 445

Just before this guy jumps he tells his buddy 'Hey, grab the camera I want ...

Two Bros Go Bollywood Crazy Play Video

Two Bros Go Bollywood Crazy

58 months ago 134,497 20

These dudes are back in their apartment because they were told the club can...

False Start Belly Flop Play Video

False Start Belly Flop

58 months ago 142,696 2

Hamza Labeid reaches the championship finals in the 50m free stroke then ge...


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