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A Snowboarding Possum Play Video

A Snowboarding Possum

54 months ago 20,360 2

In most places, possums are considered a nuisance and people shun them. But...

World Record Bikini Line Play Video

World Record Bikini Line

54 months ago 65,427 2

America took back its glory from Australia! World's longest bikini line! We...

KONY 2012 Play Video

KONY 2012

For a guy on the run, Kony seems to be popping up everywhere lately. Whethe...

Crib Escape Fail Play Video

Crib Escape Fail

54 months ago 42,214 2

At 0:26 it sounds like this baby says exactly what I would say if I fell on...

Nerd Rage Play Video

Nerd Rage

54 months ago 233,159 4

I'm kinda lost on what was going on. Can anyone translate?

How To Make Perfect Bacon Play Video

How To Make Perfect Bacon

54 months ago 51,558 314

I can see how a lot of people would find this disgusting. Personally, it j...

You Mad Bro? Play Video

You Mad Bro?

54 months ago 235,089 1

Looks like whatever these kids put in the garbage can to prank this guy wor...

Ring Of Fire Super Fail Play Video

Ring Of Fire Super Fail

54 months ago 44,235 53

For those who think it's a good idea to try to sled shirtless down a hill a...


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