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Ladder Stunt Fail Play Video

Ladder Stunt Fail

61 months ago 81,612 3

These guys convinced the dude on the ladder that he could swing to the tree...

Another Kinect Casualty Play Video

Another Kinect Casualty

61 months ago 176,126 2,194

Dad doesn't realize his daughter has lost interest in watching him play Kin...

Chick Smashes Into Bike Ramp Play Video

Chick Smashes Into Bike Ramp

61 months ago 132,895 267

A chick rides full speed towards a ramp and just as she is about to hit the...

Sandwich With A Punch Play Video

Sandwich With A Punch

61 months ago 237,204 8

This kid is giving a video demonstration on 'how to make a sandwich' and to...


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