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Somewhere On The NYC Subway Play Video

Somewhere On The NYC Subway

55 months ago 105,721 5

The New York City subway gets a lot of negative press, but once in awhile s...

World's Three Toughest Men Play Video

World's Three Toughest Men

55 months ago 138,612 1

I've reacted more to stepping on a Lego than any of these guys did for just...

Man Lands Car On Roof Play Video

Man Lands Car On Roof

55 months ago 93,679 2

This guy landed a stolen car perfectly on a roof. It's the probably the onl...

Rally Car Near Miss Play Video

Rally Car Near Miss

55 months ago 81,737 1

This driver is within inches away from destroying his car, luckily now they...

A Ron Burgundy Moment Play Video

A Ron Burgundy Moment

55 months ago 153,677 3

This news anchor just learned the hard way why you don't make fun of the gu...

Amazing Optical Illusions Play Video

Amazing Optical Illusions

55 months ago 163,271 4

At the end of each one I promised myself I wouldn't be tricked again, then ...

"Everyone's Gone, Bro" Play Video

"Everyone's Gone, Bro"

55 months ago 107,596 536

This is that awkward moment after the festival when you realize you didn't ...

Girl Lights Face on Fire Play Video

Girl Lights Face on Fire

55 months ago 103,560 1

You're trying to be a fire breather but have no professional training? That...

Huge Group Of Girls Play Video

Huge Group Of Girls

55 months ago 124,963 1

You've seen them before. They're huge groups of girl; they're unstoppable, ...

When You See It... Play Video

When You See It...

Everyone of these pictures has something hidden that you likely will not se...


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