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Disastrous Dorm Wallflip Fail Play Video

Disastrous Dorm Wallflip Fail

63 months ago 160,248 437

This kid almost entirely missed the landing mat. At least his head hit the ...

Dog Prays Before Breakfast Play Video

Dog Prays Before Breakfast

63 months ago 473,023 59

A very religous dog stops to pray before eating his breakfast. This is easi...

Human Powered Flight Play Video

Human Powered Flight

63 months ago 129,544 3

These guys now hold the world record for sustained human powered flight. I...

Mattress Ride Fail Play Video

Mattress Ride Fail

63 months ago 233,326 1

These guys slam into a tree while going 33mph on top of a mattress. The co...

High Kick Win And Fail Play Video

High Kick Win And Fail

63 months ago 99,229 150

You can tell he's been attacking beers all afternoon. This is just the firs...

Dumb Prank Ends Well Play Video

Dumb Prank Ends Well

63 months ago 202,064 347

I'm not sure these kids realize how lucky they are. Their prank was going ...


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