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This Traffic Jam Sucks Play Video

This Traffic Jam Sucks

51 months ago 82,288

What kind of bored losers film a traffic ja- oh. Nevermind.

Most Awesome Bad Ideas Play Video

Most Awesome Bad Ideas

51 months ago 97,184

There are good ideas, funny ideas, and then just really stupid ideas. Here'...

Meanwhile, in Russia... View Gallery

Meanwhile, in Russia...

51 months ago 5,216

Back to Russia for another week of giant flags, giant cops and drunken mice...

This Gallery is Faptastic View Gallery

This Gallery is Faptastic

51 months ago 11,032

Studies show that 90% of all internet activity is related to fapping, so we...

S#!& Apple Fans Say, Part II Play Video

S#!& Apple Fans Say, Part II

51 months ago 45,836

Today the iPhone 5 will be announced and although nobody is certain what ne...

8 Regrettable Boob Tattoos View Gallery

8 Regrettable Boob Tattoos

51 months ago 173,879

Rihanna's underboob has been big news the last day or so, but she is by no ...


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