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Cat Fails At Long Jump Play Video

Cat Fails At Long Jump

This cat is pretty terrible at being a cat. It also is lovingly interested ...

Too Much Helium Play Video

Too Much Helium

61 months ago 215,470 5

This chick inhales so much helium that she passes out and unfortunately has...

Fat Guy Vs Big Sign Play Video

Fat Guy Vs Big Sign

61 months ago 175,236 1

This guy is really mad at this sign. Maybe it says 'Eating Donuts Not Allo...

Triple Nut Shot Success Play Video

Triple Nut Shot Success

61 months ago 124,784 1

One girl. Two guys doing handstands. Three witnesses to the stupidity. Four...

Lightning Fast Rapper Play Video

Lightning Fast Rapper

61 months ago 216,870 5

This is an insanely fast rapper whose wordplay reminded me of the old ...

Skater Vs Car Play Video

Skater Vs Car

61 months ago 95,040 159

If you are the owner of this car and were wondering how you got a huge dent...

Brett Favre - Rise Play Video

Brett Favre - Rise

Brett Favre does his best Lebron James impersonation in a return commercial...

Lights-Out Pole Dancer Play Video

Lights-Out Pole Dancer

61 months ago 185,938 37

"... No, put the pole directly under the terrible lights so that it feels j...

17 Cool Bus Stops Play Video

17 Cool Bus Stops

These are the 17 coolest bus stops in the world. Ironic considering there's...


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