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How Not To Play Fetch Play Video

How Not To Play Fetch

52 months ago 54,171 3

Step 1: Let go of the leash. Step 2: Tell dog 'Go fetch!'. This kid just ...

High-Heeled Graduation Fail Play Video

High-Heeled Graduation Fail

52 months ago 48,764 10

In this video astro turf and high heels don't mix well. Apparently this gir...

The "Real" Dark Knight Play Video

The "Real" Dark Knight

52 months ago 33,660 829

Can't wait till "The Dark Knight Rises" is here? This video of the "real li...

14 Splash Mountain Smart Asses View Gallery

14 Splash Mountain Smart Asses

52 months ago 5,826 41,565

Everyone loves Splash Mountain (and it's generic knocks offs which we'll in...

Crazy POV Motorcycle Crash Play Video

Crazy POV Motorcycle Crash

52 months ago 40,852 1

It looks like this cyclist hit some water and slid into the guard rail. The...

How Not To Use Filling Foam Play Video

How Not To Use Filling Foam

52 months ago 116,661 4

This helpful Australian provides us with a how-to video about how to deal w...

Meanwhile, In Russia... View Gallery

Meanwhile, In Russia...

52 months ago 6,007 41,565

It's a new week and a new group of our favorite former communists doing wha...

Amazing Golf Trick Shot Play Video

Amazing Golf Trick Shot

52 months ago 103,653 4

Guaranteed to be the most amazing golf trick shot you'll see all day.


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