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Robot Recognizes Itself Play Video

Robot Recognizes Itself

54 months ago 45,156 506

I doubt they'll still look this cute once they figure out time travel and s...

World's Worst Firefighter Play Video

World's Worst Firefighter

54 months ago 120,193 718

On the bright side their neighbor now has one of the nicest looking lawns o...

The Weekend Warrior Play Video

The Weekend Warrior

54 months ago 34,888 1

This great superhero will save your day... as long as it is a Saturday or S...

Great Recovery Play Video

Great Recovery

54 months ago 136,611 8

This driver loses control of his car. Normally, bad things would happen aft...

Award-Winning Baby Acting Play Video

Award-Winning Baby Acting

54 months ago 100,741 3

When shot with an iPhone gun, this baby gives the performance of his life. ...

Bench Press Wheelie Play Video

Bench Press Wheelie

54 months ago 49,824 13

Alright, if this is real I am impressed, but has anyone seen a bar and weig...

Smart Video Game Design Tool Play Video

Smart Video Game Design Tool

54 months ago 45,227 93

An awesome looking program that looks like it could bring video game design...

Parenting: Win or Fail? Play Video

Parenting: Win or Fail?

54 months ago 159,273 152

Nine year old kid falls asleep in his sister's stroller so his parents park...

Dirt Bike Win Or Fail? Play Video

Dirt Bike Win Or Fail?

54 months ago 67,487 5

This kid pulls off a difficult backflip in the middle of a dirt bike compet...

Kid Dunks Himself Play Video

Kid Dunks Himself

54 months ago 88,088 3

While this could be considered a failed basketball stunt, I think you could...


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