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Guy Rides on Plane Wing Play Video

Guy Rides on Plane Wing

54 months ago 71,184 145

I guess jumping out of a plane isn't a big enough thrill for some people an...

Cat Rides Subwoofer Play Video

Cat Rides Subwoofer

54 months ago 135,353 1

Play whatever you want, this cat doesn't care. In fact, it likes the beat, ...

Shaolin Monk: Iron Egg Skill Play Video

Shaolin Monk: Iron Egg Skill

54 months ago 128,667 8

This monk has trained himself to absorb kicks to the nuts, which means the ...

First Lego In Space Play Video

First Lego In Space

54 months ago 63,093 202

With a budget of $400 a couple Canadian teenagers send a Lego 85,000 feet u...

Horse Got Game Play Video

Horse Got Game

54 months ago 139,291 26

Game. He has it. This chivalrous horse opens doors for mares because he kno...


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