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Dad Vomits on Roller Coaster Play Video

Dad Vomits on Roller Coaster

56 months ago 140,434 13

This is one of those father-daughter moments that will truly last forever.

Album Covers Come to Life Play Video

Album Covers Come to Life

56 months ago 47,881 20

This is a really cool video in which album covers... I mean CD covers... I ...

World's Fastest Jump Roper Play Video

World's Fastest Jump Roper

56 months ago 103,706 3

Every other person in Japan is breaking technological records for Sony, but...

Best Halloween Costume Ever Play Video

Best Halloween Costume Ever

56 months ago 246,623 13

This father comes up with one of the most creative Halloween costumes I've ...

Crab Attacks Man's Nose Play Video

Crab Attacks Man's Nose

56 months ago 109,978 780

No one is surprised. Everyone who knows this guy knows he's always had a pr...

10 Badass Buses Play Video

10 Badass Buses

That bus tearing through the barricade was pretty awesome. I am now willing...

Bus Demolishes Barrier Test Play Video

Bus Demolishes Barrier Test

56 months ago 60,357 1

Good news, parents. NOTHING is going to keep this bus from getting your kid...


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