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Drunk Guy VS Porta Potties Play Video

Drunk Guy VS Porta Potties

57 months ago 179,238 1

This wasted dude can't seem to figure out how to get into the porta potty. ...

Handrail Snow Dive Attempt Play Video

Handrail Snow Dive Attempt

57 months ago 19,132 50

Amazingly, the guy who jumped felt no pain until he emerged from the snow a...

Dog Tucks Himself Into Bed Play Video

Dog Tucks Himself Into Bed

57 months ago 209,385 10

I'd be really impressed to see it put the blanket back on the cage in the m...

Girly Drinks Rap Play Video

Girly Drinks Rap

Raise your glasses to the sky, and put your pinkies in the air. This is the...

Little Dog Can't Jump Play Video

Little Dog Can't Jump

57 months ago 245,241 6

Little dog tries to chase his buddy over a hedge but just doesn't have the ...


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