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Your Typical Russian Wedding Play Video

Your Typical Russian Wedding

58 months ago 228,520 5

Every mail-order bride an American orders from Russia is one less woman sub...

Kid Gets Knocked Off Scooter Play Video

Kid Gets Knocked Off Scooter

58 months ago 184,969 8

The driver of this scooter cuts off an oncoming car but it's his buddy that...

Fat Man Defies Physics Play Video

Fat Man Defies Physics

58 months ago 181,627 1

Well, this one blew my mind. Apparently, Physics just doesn't exist in thi...

Highway Pinball Play Video

Highway Pinball

58 months ago 161,604 2

This dude loses control of his vehicle at 70mph and besides one minor bump ...

The Bigger They Are Play Video

The Bigger They Are

58 months ago 55,944 67

Biker goes over his handlebars and bounces his face off the sidewalk.

Semi Backs Over Tractor Play Video

Semi Backs Over Tractor

58 months ago 70,305 1

This is one of those David and Goliath stories where David learns to pick h...


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