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Biker Faceplants Off Bridge Play Video

Biker Faceplants Off Bridge

73 months ago 116,614 65

This guy thinks he can pull a trick on top of a narrow bridge but goes over...

Train Versus Killer Tornado Play Video

Train Versus Killer Tornado

73 months ago 321,707 9

Is it too late to catch the 10:15 bound for that huge ditch next to the tra...

Play Fight Goes Very Wrong Play Video

Play Fight Goes Very Wrong

73 months ago 1,708,897 8

It's all fun and games until your buddy gives you a spinning kick to the ja...

Firework Blows Up In Crowd Play Video

Firework Blows Up In Crowd

73 months ago 201,637 90

A slow fuse keeps a firework from exploding in the air and it falls near a ...

Russian Homemade Grenade Fail Play Video

Russian Homemade Grenade Fail

73 months ago 185,620 1

Leave the Fourth of July celebrations to us Americans, eh comrade? We're pr...

Most Awesome Fireworks Fails Play Video

Most Awesome Fireworks Fails

73 months ago 57,833 30

To celebrate 4th of July weekend, has the loudest, brightest, bur...

Dirt Bikers Fight After Race Play Video

Dirt Bikers Fight After Race

74 months ago 219,265 21

Alright fellas, helmet punches and pushing are ok, but nothing below the be...

Perfect Shot To The Head Play Video

Perfect Shot To The Head

74 months ago 154,889 152

This kid hangs from the rimm after a dunk and his buddy tosses a ball full ...

Karate Kick Direct Hit Play Video

Karate Kick Direct Hit

74 months ago 159,889 136

This poor dude gets dropped with a direct hit to the balls. Now I know thi...

Break Gallery CCCVII Play Video

Break Gallery CCCVII

Break Gallery 307 is going to keep you laughing through the week.Enjoy!


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