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10 Badass Golf Carts View Gallery

10 Badass Golf Carts

52 months ago 10,860 41,565

15 years ago golf was a lame grandpa sport. Today it's the only sport in w...

Belly Flop Fail Compilation Play Video

Belly Flop Fail Compilation

52 months ago 57,375 138

Awesome compilation of some of the hardest hitting belly flops that we have...

Crying Baby Prank Play Video

Crying Baby Prank

52 months ago 63,385 1

Jack Vale puts an old man mask inside a baby carrier and gets some crazy re...

Everything's Better in a Cone View Gallery

Everything's Better in a Cone

52 months ago 2,999 41,565

The cone is nature's most delicious shape, apparently, and it doesn't end w...

Tiny Kitten Vs. Doberman Play Video

Tiny Kitten Vs. Doberman

52 months ago 84,178 9

A Doberman dog is considered by many, a dangerous animal to own. A tiny kit...

Guys Are Stupid Sometimes View Gallery

Guys Are Stupid Sometimes

52 months ago 5,787 41,565

Maybe it's because they just want to have fun. Maybe it's because they thin...

Mile High Club Play Video

Mile High Club

52 months ago 64,957 181

This must be the guy everyone talks about when they say 'Like A Boss'.

Failed Jump Off Dock Play Video

Failed Jump Off Dock

52 months ago 56,342 1

The dude in the background could not have reacted any less to this wipeout.

Insane Minor League Catch Play Video

Insane Minor League Catch

52 months ago 52,552 3

Minor Leaguer climbs the wall in center field, misses the ball with his glo...

Elephant Sneak Attack Play Video

Elephant Sneak Attack

52 months ago 58,191 4

An elephant gets within just a couple of feet of taking out a minivan on a ...


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