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Scooter Ramp Backplant Play Video

Scooter Ramp Backplant

62 months ago 87,878 399

This guy sucks at riding his scooter but I am impressed by the vanishing ac...

Dog Hates Haircuts Play Video

Dog Hates Haircuts

62 months ago 238,238 1

This dog does everything he can to avoid getting another haircut.

Insane Wingsuit Base Jump Play Video

Insane Wingsuit Base Jump

62 months ago 199,812 9

Awesome footage from professional base-jumper Jeb Corliss highlighting some...

Motorcycle Merry-Go-Round Play Video

Motorcycle Merry-Go-Round

62 months ago 141,866 1

Got to love this guys luck. With all the area around the merry go round he...

Cop A Feel Play Video

Cop A Feel

62 months ago 255,736 1,147

A soccer player goes to tap a female FIFA referee on the shoulder but she s...

Cows Love Accordion Music Play Video

Cows Love Accordion Music

62 months ago 82,349 33

A guy gathers a herd of cattle by playing the accordion near a pasture. Hon...

Doorway Jump Fail Play Video

Doorway Jump Fail

62 months ago 171,580 829

This guy wanted to prove he could run through the ...

Circus Lions Attack Trainers Play Video

Circus Lions Attack Trainers

62 months ago 191,502 40

Attempting to avoid a traumatizing experience for his kids this Dad starts ...


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