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Dog Steals Cell Phone Play Video

Dog Steals Cell Phone

54 months ago 91,590 120

This guy sets up his cell phone to see whether his brake lights are working...

Kramer Discovers Dubstep Play Video

Kramer Discovers Dubstep

54 months ago 180,659 28

His reaction to dubstep is probably the exact same reaction most of us had ...

If Jaws Was Made By Disney Play Video

If Jaws Was Made By Disney

54 months ago 129,698 19

This is what Jaws would have looked like had Disney originally produced it.

Rock Star Finale Fail Play Video

Rock Star Finale Fail

54 months ago 117,002 4,365

This dude doesn't grab enough air to pull off the cool rock star finale. Th...

Riding On The Edge Play Video

Riding On The Edge

54 months ago 194,802 12

On a snow covered trail that at times is less than a foot wide, with drops ...

Icy Hot Prank Play Video

Icy Hot Prank

54 months ago 110,788 104

Does this look like the face of a soldier who would think swapping out his ...

Speak English! Play Video

Speak English!

54 months ago 213,354 2

I know they used to speak English in England, but something has gone...


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