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Preakness Toilet Run Swan Dive Play Video

Preakness Toilet Run Swan Dive

61 months ago 118,051 1,145

He wasn't up against anyone else, but I'm still going to say he lost that r...

Water Powered Jet Pack Play Video

Water Powered Jet Pack

61 months ago 106,052 1

We posted a similar clip to this nearly three years ago and unfortunately t...

Quad Vs Dune Buggy Play Video

Quad Vs Dune Buggy

61 months ago 79,229 110

A dude riding a quad gets big air on a jump then slams into the side of a d...

Fence Jump Fail Play Video

Fence Jump Fail

61 months ago 137,495 137

It's not really so much the jump was a fail but it's that insane laugh from...

"Sweet Dog" Reporter Fail Play Video

"Sweet Dog" Reporter Fail

61 months ago 215,866 80

The reporter and his guest do their best to convince us that this Rottweile...

Cheerleader Trust Fail Play Video

Cheerleader Trust Fail

61 months ago 371,807 1,682

Cheerleader learns the difference between 'trust me I'll catch you' and 'tr...

Construction Crew Fail Play Video

Construction Crew Fail

61 months ago 163,287 1

You would think somebody on the crew would of thought one step further and ...


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