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Ukrainian Parkour Dog Play Video

Ukrainian Parkour Dog

62 months ago 308,301 4

After every wall vault and dash jump, he wishes his owner would just put hi...

Girl Lands Bad On Skateboard Play Video

Girl Lands Bad On Skateboard

62 months ago 118,887 3

This chick bets she can jump both curbs and land back on the skateboard and...

Awesome Thai Tea Server Play Video

Awesome Thai Tea Server

62 months ago 131,290 785

Yeah, that's just how I like my tea: exposed to the elements and poured in ...

Up Too Damn High Play Video

Up Too Damn High

62 months ago 139,128 2

This mashup of Up with "The Rent Is Too Damn High" guy is sheer brilliance....

Slingshot Gone Bad Play Video

Slingshot Gone Bad

62 months ago 175,757 596

This dude is using perfectly good cans of beer as target practice so I have...

POV Formula One Crash Play Video

POV Formula One Crash

62 months ago 127,167 1

A Formula One driver goes airborne then flips his car five times before sla...


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