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World's First Flying Car Play Video

World's First Flying Car

53 months ago 61,663 1

A flying car prototype has been built in Holland that can reach speeds up t...

Man Plays With Grizzly Bear Play Video

Man Plays With Grizzly Bear

53 months ago 65,558 3

This is one of those rare videos that you'll find awesome and adorable, yet...

The Skipper Play Video

The Skipper

53 months ago 86,931 8

This guy just loves to skip. He skips everywhere and it's not creepy or wei...

15 Sad Animals In Casts View Gallery

15 Sad Animals In Casts

53 months ago 22,121 1

Seeing an animal in a cast is sort of sad, but also kind of funny. It's a t...

The Bacon Casket Play Video

The Bacon Casket

53 months ago 32,227 10

Rarely, do companies understand a consumer's love for a product. But this o...

Kitten Is Afraid Of Vaccum Play Video

Kitten Is Afraid Of Vaccum

53 months ago 145,516 3

This is probably the most disgustingly adorable thing you'll see today.

The Luckiest Tow Truck Driver Play Video

The Luckiest Tow Truck Driver

53 months ago 137,348 15

The tow truck driver jumped out at the right moment, but the semi driver di...

Rock And Roll Ninja Play Video

Rock And Roll Ninja

53 months ago 42,137 2

Rocking out on a guitar isn't rock and roll enough for this guy. He also ha...

Awesome Basketball Trick Play Play Video

Awesome Basketball Trick Play

53 months ago 88,317 11

This team got the game off to an exciting and interesting start by utilizin...

Old People Are Awesome Play Videos

Old People Are Awesome

53 months ago 29,502 8

These 10 videos prove that just because you are old, doesnt mean you cant p...

A Parade Of Every Batmobile Play Video

A Parade Of Every Batmobile

53 months ago 57,957 3

It's crazy how much the Batmobile has changed from film to film. Which one ...


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