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Cheerleader Fail Play Video

Cheerleader Fail

52 months ago 214,530 27

That awkward moment when you realize you can kick yourself in the face.

Hustler Of The Year Play Video

Hustler Of The Year

52 months ago 106,486 10

Rookie of the Year 2012 Kyrie Irving dresses up as a convincing old man and...

Insanely Cool Machine Play Video

Insanely Cool Machine

53 months ago 85,757 452

So what will be the starting price on a machine that can make anything?

Everyday I'm Strugglin Play Video

Everyday I'm Strugglin

53 months ago 98,302 2

Hilarious compilation of people that may have had a bit too much to drink.

Hooters Girl Can Hula Hoop Play Video

Hooters Girl Can Hula Hoop

53 months ago 609,718 2,610

Thank God it's finally Friday! How about a Hooter's Girl dancing with a Hul...

Goodbye, Innocence View Gallery

Goodbye, Innocence

53 months ago 5,006 41,565

Remember when the world was a big, beautiful place, full of wonder and hope...

Parrot Has A Dirty Mouth Play Video

Parrot Has A Dirty Mouth

53 months ago 45,081 1

Mouth or beak, we're not sure how it works in this case. But nonetheless, t...


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