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Sea Lion Rides A Turtle Play Video

Sea Lion Rides A Turtle

53 months ago 37,197 4

Call this adorable all you want, but we're going to call it what it really ...

Base Jumping In A Church Play Video

Base Jumping In A Church

53 months ago 75,367 3

Sunday school at 10am, service at 11am, super dangerous indoor base jumping...

Most Patriotic Dog Ever Play Video

Most Patriotic Dog Ever

53 months ago 26,696 30

This dog has been trained to love America. How? Watch what he does when the...

Yoga Ball Launch Fail Play Video

Yoga Ball Launch Fail

53 months ago 34,251 49

This was a good idea, until the large wall ruined everything.

2 Guys, 1 Stick Play Video

2 Guys, 1 Stick

53 months ago 46,294 74

This week's 'Name This Video' winner is Jabril Tank Williams! Like Us on <...

The Next Susan Boyle? Play Video

The Next Susan Boyle?

53 months ago 138,333 2

This just proves again you can't judge a book by its cover. This guy doesn'...


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