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WTF Is Dubstep? Play Video

WTF Is Dubstep?

What is dubstep, and why has it been popping up in videos on Break, lately?...

Amazing Dubstep Robot Play Video

Amazing Dubstep Robot

56 months ago 518,128 85

The future has arrived sooner than we thought. The robots have taken over. ...

Epic Weather Graphics Fail Play Video

Epic Weather Graphics Fail

57 months ago 115,288 411

Maybe this should be considered a win instead of a fail since the graphics ...

The Housing Crash Play Video

The Housing Crash

57 months ago 88,149 2

New housing starts were up but swiftly collapsed and came crashing back to ...

Netflix Fail Song Play Video

Netflix Fail Song

Netflix seem to have gone from top to toast as quickly as Charlie Sheen. Wi...

Tree Trimming Fail Play Video

Tree Trimming Fail

57 months ago 102,115 125

This landlord was trying to remove one limb from a tree but all his limbs e...

Innuendo In Popular Cartoons Play Video

Innuendo In Popular Cartoons

57 months ago 1,513,426 13

This is a quick montage of risque humor that has been slipped into kids' ca...

Hazing In Jedi School Play Video

Hazing In Jedi School

57 months ago 111,386 2

This week's Video Title Challenge winner is our Facebook Friend, Bill Warte...

10 Fire fails Play Video

10 Fire fails

The Nigerian fire department might be bad, but they aren't the only failing...


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