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Ladder Jump Fail Play Video

Ladder Jump Fail

61 months ago 101,459 84

This dude tries to jump over a 6 foot ladder but ...

Hanging Upside Down Fail Play Video

Hanging Upside Down Fail

61 months ago 137,766 1

This guy slips while hanging upside down on a swing set and is knocked out ...

A Comedy Of Errors Play Video

A Comedy Of Errors

The Chicago Bears vs the Washington Redskins had so many turnovers today th...

Paparazzi Slammed By Gate Arm Play Video

Paparazzi Slammed By Gate Arm

62 months ago 114,207 58

It looks like one of Lindsay Lohan's prayers was answered. The one for the ...

Mom Kicks Baby Elephant Play Video

Mom Kicks Baby Elephant

62 months ago 229,127 1,810

Looks like Mom is in a bad mood today. This baby ...

Pinata Headshot Play Video

Pinata Headshot

62 months ago 171,490 1,050

This dude takes a big swing and misses a smiley pinata and hits a not so sm...


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