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Snowmobile Close Call Play Video

Snowmobile Close Call

54 months ago 92,476 55

Snowmobiler stops just in time as the side of the cliff gives out and crash...

Girl Ruins Guys' Table Dance Play Video

Girl Ruins Guys' Table Dance

54 months ago 119,644 1

Three guys are hanging out, dancing on a table, when a girl comes along and...

Best Freudian Slip Ever Play Video

Best Freudian Slip Ever

54 months ago 268,331 4

Have two female news anchors report on an upcoming sausage festival and the...

Breakdancer Breaks Arm Play Video

Breakdancer Breaks Arm

54 months ago 89,537 3

New Rule: There is nothing ironic about breaking a limb while breakdancing.

Crazy Bike Skills from Canada Play Video

Crazy Bike Skills from Canada

54 months ago 95,514 35

This is an audition for "Canada's Got Talent," and a pretty good one at tha...

Future Ping Pong Champion Play Video

Future Ping Pong Champion

54 months ago 71,150 3

Good News! In 20 years we may actually have a shot at beating the Chinese ...


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