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Big Kid Crashes Big Wheel Play Video

Big Kid Crashes Big Wheel 36 months ago

This kid gets towed on his Huffy Slider behind his friend's car and slams i...

How Not To Jump Into A Pool Play Video

How Not To Jump Into A Pool 36 months ago

Girl tries to jump off the top of a fence into the family pool but lands ju...

Rough Landing Play Video

Rough Landing 36 months ago

Multiple camera views catch a driver overshooting a 100+ foot jump and land...

Reverse Haircut Play Video

Reverse Haircut 36 months ago

In 38 seconds this dude goes from completely bald to a very full head of ha...

Chick Tickles Demon Dog Play Video

Chick Tickles Demon Dog 36 months ago

Maybe he's not possessed by the devil. Maybe this dog just sniffed a bad cr...