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Singing Demon Fish Play Video

Singing Demon Fish

54 months ago 93,314 2

What is suppose to be a fun and cute song turns into a nightmare when batte...

How People See People Play Video

How People See People

Everyone's got an opinion about your job, and you've got an opinion about e...

Cool Candle Relighting Trick Play Video

Cool Candle Relighting Trick

54 months ago 86,556 124

Light a candle, blow it out, and relight the smoke. The flame drops back on...

Monkey Tries To Attack Guy Play Video

Monkey Tries To Attack Guy

54 months ago 136,169 1

This monkey really hates it when guys stand with their backs to him. He dem...

Balloons You Can Eat Play Video

Balloons You Can Eat

54 months ago 42,096 2

This creative chef found a way to make balloons you can eat, even the strin...

Mind Blowing Technology Play Video

Mind Blowing Technology

54 months ago 164,747 11

A corporation in Burlington, Massachusetts has built a copy machine capable...

Trampoline Double Fail Play Video

Trampoline Double Fail

54 months ago 58,128 1

At first I thought the dog was running over there because it was just conce...


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