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Holding People's Hand Prank Play Video

Holding People's Hand Prank

52 months ago 80,477 238

This prank is smart, funny, but could have easily gotten this guy beaten up...

Meanwhile, In Australia View Gallery

Meanwhile, In Australia

52 months ago 4,280 120

The land down under is mysterious to those of us on the other side of the w...

Cripple Goes Crazy Play Video

Cripple Goes Crazy

52 months ago 70,777 3

You really can't blame this dude for getting so angry, we can't stand when ...

Dance Till You Drop Play Video

Dance Till You Drop

52 months ago 132,661 4

Weirdest dance you'll see all day. Stick with this one until the end.

Cockatiel Victory Song Play Video

Cockatiel Victory Song

52 months ago 67,977 1

After spending a few romantic seconds with his girlfriend this Cockatiel pr...

13 Unusually Offensive Cakes View Gallery

13 Unusually Offensive Cakes

52 months ago 7,633 40

Remember when you were a kid and your birthday cake had stuff like balloons...


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