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Who Is Techno Viking? Play Video

Who Is Techno Viking?

Somehow you've managed to be on the net forever without ever having heard o...

The Jaeger Meister Play Video

The Jaeger Meister

56 months ago 155,236 40

Meet Techno Viking's great uncle, The Jaeger Meister. He would've been a pa...

Come Fight Me Bro Play Video

Come Fight Me Bro

56 months ago 213,936 4

This is a great prank by notorious prank caller Tom Mabe, but I'd be a litt...

Can You Find The Real Pug? Play Video

Can You Find The Real Pug?

56 months ago 111,340 11

Well, I failed this. You get 15 seconds to find which one of these pug dog...

Evil Cat Chants At Girl Play Video

Evil Cat Chants At Girl

56 months ago 129,082 1

The cat is indoctrinating the first recruit into its army of evil. He has h...

El Salvador Fireball Fight Play Video

El Salvador Fireball Fight

56 months ago 59,242 1

This is an annual activity in El Salvador, done in remembrance of a 1922 vo...

World's Shortest Train? Play Video

World's Shortest Train?

56 months ago 111,122 4

It's eco-friendly, and I bet Al Gore loves it. It looks like an inconvenien...


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