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Dog Hates Stare Downs Play Video

Dog Hates Stare Downs

53 months ago 56,343 1

This dog refuses to make eye contact and will smack you if you try.

Revenge Of The Nerds Play Video

Revenge Of The Nerds

53 months ago 143,872 1

A couple thieves team up and try to steal some internet gamers wallet, but ...

Tornado Formation Play Video

Tornado Formation

53 months ago 205,849 1

There is no time lapse in this video. In less than 90 seconds an F2 tornad...

Wedding Picture Fail Play Video

Wedding Picture Fail

53 months ago 107,359 1

This probably ended up being an awesome photo. However, let's hope the groo...

Meet Good Guy Dan Play Video

Meet Good Guy Dan

53 months ago 83,989 6

It just makes me feel better about the world to know that people like this ...


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