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Parkour Roof Fail Play Video

Parkour Roof Fail

66 months ago 140,571 1

This dude jumps from the top of one wall right through a skinny roof.

Say No To Bouncers Play Video

Say No To Bouncers

66 months ago 261,678 2

This guy is tired of bouncers not letting him in bars so he tries to get so...

Race Car Crashes Into Crowd Play Video

Race Car Crashes Into Crowd

66 months ago 93,714 1

In the final lap of the mini-challenge this weekend the driver loses contro...

Girls Fall Out of Boat Play Video

Girls Fall Out of Boat

66 months ago 182,441 857

Two chicks tumble out of a boat and into an Amsterdam canal. Could a mind-a...

Spanish Host Lip Synch Fail Play Video

Spanish Host Lip Synch Fail

66 months ago 80,657 1

This used to be my favorite Spanish show, but it can't be after this debacl...

Babysitter Attacked by Cats Play Video

Babysitter Attacked by Cats

66 months ago 941,066 93

This video has all the makings of a horror movie (including the creepy musi...

Rollerblading Nut Shot Play Video

Rollerblading Nut Shot

66 months ago 76,184 1

This dude spends six hours constructing a wooden rail in his driveway and o...

Gorilla Eats His Own Poop Play Video

Gorilla Eats His Own Poop

66 months ago 98,865 2

The gorillas love that their new diet is all-you-can-eat. Their only compla...

Tea With Tyson…WTF? Play Video

Tea With Tyson…WTF?

Mike Tyson, the man who has made a name for himself by delivering tons of K...

Parkour Walljump Crash Play Video

Parkour Walljump Crash

66 months ago 175,586 2

Parkour is the art of moving around obstacles efficiently. When your town i...

The Better Marriage Blanket Play Video

The Better Marriage Blanket

66 months ago 88,381 1

With special technology used by the military to combat chemical weapons, th...


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