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Bikini Girl Can't Fly Play Video

Bikini Girl Can't Fly

59 months ago 390,098 2,807

This girl tries to use a grocery cart to achieve flight, but fails with a s...

A Loyal Friend Play Video

A Loyal Friend

59 months ago 147,295 7

After surviving the Japanese earthquake and tsunami a dog refuses to leave ...

Must Stay Awake Play Video

Must Stay Awake

59 months ago 216,015 6

Boy and his dog fight as hard as they can to not fall asleep.

Awesome Chainsaw Skills Play Video

Awesome Chainsaw Skills

59 months ago 267,630 2,631

This dude pops open the top of two beer bottles using a chainsaw. The soun...

Boom Boom Boom, Weehoo! Play Video

Boom Boom Boom, Weehoo!

59 months ago 202,897 39

This girl's recital of Boom Boom Boom makes me want to go back to the 90s a...

Karma Strikes Back Play Video

Karma Strikes Back

59 months ago 253,547 104

Karma responds quickly to this kick with a head shot to the face.

Two Lions Cuddle Guy Play Video

Two Lions Cuddle Guy

59 months ago 175,273 54

When two lions want to cuddle you, you don't question it. You just relax, t...


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