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Madonna Faints During Concert Play Video

Madonna Faints During Concert

72 months ago 142,660 35

While on stage in Bulgaria this weekend Madonna briefly passed out and fell...

Swing Shot Play Video

Swing Shot

72 months ago 327,522 1

This guy gets whipped around a swing by his buddies until he slips off the ...

Creepy Man Bugs Out his Eyes Play Video

Creepy Man Bugs Out his Eyes

72 months ago 147,457 14

Thanks, internet, I definitely didn't have enough stuff to have nightmares ...

Three Jumps, One Big Fail Play Video

Three Jumps, One Big Fail

72 months ago 350,910 18

They follow the perfect parkour formula: 2 parts impressive stunt mixed wit...

Ultra Low High Speed Flyby Play Video

Ultra Low High Speed Flyby

72 months ago 806,345 37

Maverick can't touch this guy. The pilot flies at just under Mach speed 12...

Drop On In Anytime Play Video

Drop On In Anytime

72 months ago 226,527 2

This student is watching a game of beer pong from his roof when his cheer s...

Ricochet Kills Play Video

Ricochet Kills

Position your shots and allow your bullets to bounce off the walls in a kil...


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