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Top Ten Pranks of 2011 Play Video

Top Ten Pranks of 2011

We enjoyed all the great pranks you guys submitted this year. We've gone th...

Kid Gets Tackled Into Shed Play Video

Kid Gets Tackled Into Shed

55 months ago 96,073 1

While discussing a potential stunt, a kid's friend slams him through the hy...

Mythbusters Screwed Up... Play Video

Mythbusters Screwed Up...

55 months ago 243,080 3

The Mythbusters crew accidentally shot a cannon ball through a house... the...

Fighter Jet Fly-By Play Video

Fighter Jet Fly-By

55 months ago 145,389 16

This dude doesn't even flinch as an a Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet blasts rig...

Instant Karma On Subway Play Video

Instant Karma On Subway

55 months ago 210,750 879

This kid puts his pole on a guy's head and then runs head-first into a pole...

Whistling On My Mind Play Video

Whistling On My Mind

55 months ago 140,499 22

After the show, audience members were viciously attacked by all the dogs th...

Water Powered Jet Pack Play Video

Water Powered Jet Pack

55 months ago 94,045 19

It's been on the top of my Christmas list for 4 years now. Maybe year 5 is...


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