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The Redneck Lawnmower Play Video

The Redneck Lawnmower

52 months ago 77,349 1

We're not sure whether this guy is the laziest genius we know or just a laz...

The Baldness Miracle Cure Play Video

The Baldness Miracle Cure

52 months ago 57,468 6

It what looks like a cure to baldness, this man uses a powder to give himse...

Dealer Kills Pocket Aces Play Video

Dealer Kills Pocket Aces

52 months ago 131,633 4

Who do you think is at fault for this hand getting mucked, Estelle Denis or...

13 Zombie Babes View Gallery

13 Zombie Babes

52 months ago 10,366 41,565

Zombies are more popular than ever now thanks to their loose affiliation wi...

Portal II - Terminal Velocity Play Video

Portal II - Terminal Velocity

52 months ago 72,997 18

These guys make a video on what it would be like to have their own Portal I...

Holding People's Hand Prank Play Video

Holding People's Hand Prank

52 months ago 80,477 238

This prank is smart, funny, but could have easily gotten this guy beaten up...

Meanwhile, In Australia View Gallery

Meanwhile, In Australia

52 months ago 4,280 120

The land down under is mysterious to those of us on the other side of the w...

Cripple Goes Crazy Play Video

Cripple Goes Crazy

52 months ago 70,777 3

You really can't blame this dude for getting so angry, we can't stand when ...


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