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More Amazing Facts Play Video

More Amazing Facts 86 months ago

Alright, I didnt check every single one of these facts but all the ones I d...

Welcome Home Play Video

Welcome Home 86 months ago

This poor kid comes home from a long day at work only to have his brother n...

Internet Video 2007 Play Video

Internet Video 2007 86 months ago

These guys try and relive the top videos of 2007. They start off with a ci...

Subaru Jumps 30 Feet Play Video

Subaru Jumps 30 Feet 86 months ago

These guys were bored so they built a snow jump and convinced their friend ...

Kimbo Fights Adryan Play Video

Kimbo Fights Adryan 86 months ago

Kimbo fights some dude named Adryan. I'm not really sure if there was a cle...

Anatomy of a Nut Shot Play Video

Anatomy of a Nut Shot 86 months ago

Some guy volunteers to take a tennis ball shot direct to the nuts all in th...

MIMEFREAK Episode One Play Video

MIMEFREAK Episode One 86 months ago

Episode one of the new series MIMEFREAK starring Kipp Angel.

Another Great Maze Scare Play Video

Another Great Maze Scare 86 months ago

It's been a long time since we posted a good maze scare prank. I thought t...

Kid Smashes Head On Rim Play Video

Kid Smashes Head On Rim 86 months ago

A kid goes up for a 360 dunk on a lowered hoop and ends up smashing his hea...