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Surprise Kick To The Face Play Video

Surprise Kick To The Face

55 months ago 165,056 3

The only thing worse than having a roommate that constantly sings in the sh...

23 And 1/2 Hours Play Video

23 And 1/2 Hours

55 months ago 75,532 2

This clip is kinda long, but if you're into preventive medicine it's intere...

Pakistan's Rollerblading King Play Video

Pakistan's Rollerblading King

55 months ago 126,478 9

Rollerblading is dangerous on its own. But, what if you rollerbladed behind...

Crazy Girlfriend Revenge Play Video

Crazy Girlfriend Revenge

55 months ago 180,446 4

It's not cool to push girls, but we will give you a pass this one time beca...

Bear Waves Goodbye Play Video

Bear Waves Goodbye

55 months ago 123,432 4

Remember, kids. Some bears are nice. Let's not accuse them all of being hon...

Aye Sir Play Video

Aye Sir

55 months ago 171,721 2

I never could of made it through basic training. By the second 'Aye Sir' I...

Silo Destruction Fail Play Video

Silo Destruction Fail

55 months ago 124,601 3

I'm no expert at dismantling silos. However, I probably would have skipped ...

Toddler Destroys Kitchen Play Video

Toddler Destroys Kitchen

55 months ago 67,758 21

The executives at Trojan will probably see another unexpected surge in sale...


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