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Mr. T Teaches You Fashion Play Video

Mr. T Teaches You Fashion

53 months ago 42,196 20

Apparently, sometime in the 80s, Mr. T decided it'd be good to teach Americ...

Skateboard Backflip WIN Play Video

Skateboard Backflip WIN

53 months ago 103,914 4

This guy performed a pretty awesome stunt, then celebrated. A lot. Though, ...

TV Hates Girl's Lip Syncing Play Video

TV Hates Girl's Lip Syncing

53 months ago 98,453 1

This girl decides it'd be fun to lip sync to a Taylor Swift song. However, ...

Trike Drifting Play Video

Trike Drifting

53 months ago 72,522 1

This looks like it would be so friggin' cool to do! It's like a real life ...

Japan One Year Later Play Video

Japan One Year Later

53 months ago 108,776 3

After watching this clip, my faith in humanity has been fully restored.

Hot Head Play Video

Hot Head

53 months ago 54,546 1

For some reason this guy thinks people want him to light his hair on fire.


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