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Teenage Mutant Ninja Bear Play Video

Teenage Mutant Ninja Bear

53 months ago 49,895 1

This bear displays some amazing stick skills. It's almost too frightening t...

Most Epic Rant Ever Play Video

Most Epic Rant Ever

53 months ago 145,575 3

This guy was arrested for saying the f-word in public, so he goes to a city...

Meanwhile In Canada Play Video

Meanwhile In Canada

53 months ago 120,290 44

I have never been to Canada, but this is exactly how I have envisioned it.

Urban Snowboarding Play Video

Urban Snowboarding

53 months ago 108,398 10

I love how this starts off with all the fails then kicks in with some amazi...

Seth Rogen On Chris Brown Play Video

Seth Rogen On Chris Brown

53 months ago 113,110 258

I thought this line by Seth Rogen was hilarious, but I would post just abou...

Black Diamond Jet Team Play Video

Black Diamond Jet Team

53 months ago 93,418 16

As cool as it is to watch these guys from the ground, the POV footage of th...

Unbelievable Double Overtime Play Video

Unbelievable Double Overtime

53 months ago 63,022 2

Final game of the season. Double Overtime. Playoff seeding on the line. N...

The Periodic Table Table Play Video

The Periodic Table Table

53 months ago 69,022 1

This guy loves science so much that he spent years working on a Periodic Ta...

A Snoring Hummingbird Play Video

A Snoring Hummingbird

53 months ago 74,099 9

Cute little hummingbird has fallen into a deep sleep and woke up the family...

Dubstep Violin Play Video

Dubstep Violin

53 months ago 154,399 32

I guess this is what happens when you take Dubstep and toss in some hot chi...


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