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Kid Dunks Himself Play Video

Kid Dunks Himself

53 months ago 88,085 3

While this could be considered a failed basketball stunt, I think you could...

This Penguin Is A Jerk Play Video

This Penguin Is A Jerk

53 months ago 69,660 4

One penguin is just standing around minding its own business while a jerk p...

Superhero Disco Play Video

Superhero Disco

53 months ago 29,902 6

Why wait months for "The Avengers" when you can have Batman, Superman, Spid...

Simple Homemade Engine Play Video

Simple Homemade Engine

53 months ago 31,534 114

This dude built a simple engine powered by a candle. Only wish he would ha...

Father Of The Year Play Video

Father Of The Year

53 months ago 102,837 5

Patrick Henry Hughes's dad does whatever it takes to allow his disabled chi...

Lane Switching Like A Boss Play Video

Lane Switching Like A Boss

53 months ago 135,926 1

I honestly believe that at least half the people who live in Russia own a d...

It's A Beautiful Life Play Video

It's A Beautiful Life

53 months ago 73,321 10

Awesome compilation of extreme stunts filmed in the coolest looking places ...

Washing Machine Vs Airbag Play Video

Washing Machine Vs Airbag

53 months ago 41,235 197

I'm starting to think that I'd rather just hit the dashboard.

The Catcopter Play Video

The Catcopter

53 months ago 36,907 100

Yesterday, we gave you a flying Delorean. Today, you get a flying cat. The ...

A Dog In A Cat's Body Play Video

A Dog In A Cat's Body

53 months ago 79,303 8

I've never seen a cat play fetch before. Also, while adorable, I'm worried ...

Pug + Star Wars = Wampug Play Video

Pug + Star Wars = Wampug

53 months ago 33,887 1

Making a plug play the part of the Wampa in "The Empire Strikes Back" makes...

When You See It 4 Play Video

When You See It 4

Look very closely at these pictures. There is something else to them. Somet...


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