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New Sport For The Insane Play Video

New Sport For The Insane

56 months ago 131,183 54

If bungee jumping off a bridge wasn't extreme enough, these guys jump off w...

Paranoid Cat Scares Itself Play Video

Paranoid Cat Scares Itself

56 months ago 114,775 2

Cat shows some impressive break away speed after scaring itself half to dea...

10 Crazy OId People Play Video

10 Crazy OId People

Craziness manifests itself in old people in many different ways. The most a...

Duck With A Death Wish Play Video

Duck With A Death Wish

56 months ago 72,908 9

A duck that could easily fly to the other side of the highway decides to be...

Pug POV Play Video


56 months ago 64,135 1

This pug's owner strapped a camera to it so he could see the world through ...

An Interesting Car Crash Play Video

An Interesting Car Crash

56 months ago 203,964 8

Driving up steep hills is difficult for smaller cars, as this driver finds ...

Two Old Men Try To Fight Play Video

Two Old Men Try To Fight

56 months ago 210,057 7

Not sure I should call this a fight. They definitely tried to land a few p...

Will It Shred? Play Video

Will It Shred?

56 months ago 127,462 1

A sofa, refrigerator, and a large tractor tire are no match for this ultra ...


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