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Very Skilled Driver Play Video

Very Skilled Driver 86 months ago

This guy makes Starsky and Hutch and all Nascar drivers look stupid. Seriou...

Lessons On Life Play Video

Lessons On Life 86 months ago

Jon Lajoie is back with words of wisdom on how to live a better and more fu...

Happy Hedhog Eating Candy Play Video

Happy Hedhog Eating Candy 86 months ago

This clip is making its rounds on the net and I got to admit I dont really ...

Old Dude Falls Off Roof Play Video

Old Dude Falls Off Roof 86 months ago

This old guy was cleaning out the gutters and when trying to get off the ro...

Drunk Chick Gets Beat By Cop Play Video

Drunk Chick Gets Beat By Cop 86 months ago

I couldnt find anything online to verify this is real. If anyone knows mor...

Truck Slams Into Police Car Play Video

Truck Slams Into Police Car 86 months ago

A chick driving into a car wash slams her pickup truck into the back of a p...

Break Gallery CLXXVII Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXVII 86 months ago

Break Gallery #177!!! Big night tonight peoples. Looks like there was a lot...

Hey Jude Kid Play Video

Hey Jude Kid 86 months ago

It's probably the unlikeliest cover of the Beatles' "Hey Jude." Four-year-o...

Subway Punk Gets Owned Play Video

Subway Punk Gets Owned 86 months ago

Some punk on the subway is harassing a woman so another passenger finds a c...

How To Win A Sniper Fight Play Video

How To Win A Sniper Fight 86 months ago

The US Military is attacked by insurgent and demonstrate the most effective...

The London Freeze Play Video

The London Freeze 86 months ago

This is the sequel to the now famous Grand Central freeze prank last month.