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Fat Kid Failed Bike Bail Play Video

Fat Kid Failed Bike Bail

59 months ago 100,668 329

Kid tries to ride his friends bike into a creek and ends up tumbling in aft...

Alphabet Fail Play Video

Alphabet Fail

59 months ago 169,507 784

The cop tells her to start the alphabet at 'D' and end with 'W'. When she ...

Old Man Does Urban Skiing Play Video

Old Man Does Urban Skiing

59 months ago 86,694 17

The only explanation I can come up with for this is that you reach a certai...

A Village Helps Lift A Truck Play Video

A Village Helps Lift A Truck

59 months ago 82,696 1

A whole village turns out to help a guy lift his truck, but they send it sa...

Little Girl Loves Rap Music Play Video

Little Girl Loves Rap Music

59 months ago 243,559 44

This is a very shy little girl until she hears her favorite rap song.

Base Jumping Flyby Play Video

Base Jumping Flyby

59 months ago 153,231 5

Two base jumpers fly within 20 feet of their friends while speeding down th...

Capoeira Cat Play Video

Capoeira Cat

59 months ago 220,758 7,815

First rule of lockup: pick a fight with the biggest guy you can find and th...

Desk Leap Fail Play Video

Desk Leap Fail

59 months ago 107,319 285

Wow, some people know how to drop out of high school in style.

Epic Video Game Freakout Play Video

Epic Video Game Freakout

59 months ago 224,098 3

Mom and Dad ground this dude from the internet for two weeks and he flips o...

Russian Tow Truck Fail Play Video

Russian Tow Truck Fail

59 months ago 117,815 501

When it comes to illegal parking, the Russians don't mess around.

Japanese Condiment Remover Play Video

Japanese Condiment Remover

59 months ago 168,215 206

This is a device that scoops up mustard, ketchup, and mayo spills. Brillian...


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