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You're Embarrassing Yourself View Gallery

You're Embarrassing Yourself

52 months ago 11,566 41,565

These people might think they're having fun, but in reality, they're just m...

Where Will I Go When I Die? Play Video

Where Will I Go When I Die?

52 months ago 28,232 5

If you were asking yourself, 'Where can I find a creepy song where kids sin...

Big Air Dirtbike Faceplant Play Video

Big Air Dirtbike Faceplant

52 months ago 23,738 12

This kid gets some impressive air off the ramp, but overshoots his landing ...

Ball Player Makes Boy Cry Play Video

Ball Player Makes Boy Cry

52 months ago 45,768 132

This kid is sent into tears when his favorite ball player, Josh Beckett, ha...

Video Puzzle Play Video

Video Puzzle

52 months ago 48,591 1

When they say this is take #238 in the beginning, we wouldn't be surprised ...

Things We All Need View Gallery

Things We All Need

52 months ago 6,311 2

You might call these "wants," but you would be wrong. We need these and so ...

Shop At The Fashion Shack Play Video

Shop At The Fashion Shack

52 months ago 39,065 219

This might be the best worst commercial made by someone who thought they ac...

14 Bizarre Gas Mask Pics View Gallery

14 Bizarre Gas Mask Pics

52 months ago 9,234 41,265

The gas mask was mankind's greatest invention for making people look terrif...

Knockout Compilation Play Video

Knockout Compilation

52 months ago 234,239 7

Just over two minutes of our favorite hard hitting knockout punches.

9 Dumb Books for Dummies View Gallery

9 Dumb Books for Dummies

52 months ago 8,211 41,265

Books for Dummies are supposed to be fairly easy to follow educational read...


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