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The Waldo Ultimatum Play Video

The Waldo Ultimatum 86 months ago

His identity erased. His past stolen. His whereabouts unknown. Where the he...

Break Gallery CLXXIX Play Video

Break Gallery CLXXIX 86 months ago

Break Gallery #179!!! Hitch up to your seat posts people because there is a...

Crazy Bachelor Party Stripper Play Video

Crazy Bachelor Party Stripper 86 months ago

I thought this video was hilarious. Its a bunch of guys at a bachelor part...

Old Lady Has Nerves Of Steel Play Video

Old Lady Has Nerves Of Steel 86 months ago

Some old lady is crossing a street when just a few feet in front of her two...

Dumb Woman Vs Parking Gate Play Video

Dumb Woman Vs Parking Gate 86 months ago

Some dumb woman cant reach the ticket receiver at a parking garage so inste...

Bi-Plane Crashes Into Lake Play Video

Bi-Plane Crashes Into Lake 86 months ago

I believe this is considered the equivalent of a face-plant for planes.

Break's Girl of the Day Play Video

Break's Girl of the Day 86 months ago

Don't forget to check out our girl of the day page. It is updated daily and...

Snake Eats Giant Egg Play Video

Snake Eats Giant Egg 86 months ago

A snake detaches its jaw and devours a giant egg. Wouldn't it have been eas...