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Kids Draw The Weirdest Things View Gallery

Kids Draw The Weirdest Things

50 months ago 4,795 88

Sometimes, we have to wonder what is going on with kids these days. Are the...

You Suck At Your Job View Gallery

You Suck At Your Job

50 months ago 5,291 1

You're given one task, but you can't even get that right. Here are some of ...

Yankees Can't Pole Dance Play Video

Yankees Can't Pole Dance

50 months ago 31,098 39

Damn Yankees? More like dumb Yankees. . . Am I right! AM I RIGHT!?

Batman Cookie Monster Begins Play Video

Batman Cookie Monster Begins

50 months ago 63,184 9

Here is the end of "Batman Begins" with Cookie Monster Batman talking to C...

Angry Bison Chases Kids Play Video

Angry Bison Chases Kids

50 months ago 62,871 149

It's pretty easy to tell if a bison is tame or aggressive. If the bison co...


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