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Czech President Steals Pen Play Video

Czech President Steals Pen

58 months ago 93,279 149

The Czech President steals a nice pen while at a summit with the Chilean pr...

Jeep Gets Stuck On Rock Play Video

Jeep Gets Stuck On Rock

58 months ago 80,828 1

By taking the time to inform the cameraman that the Jeep is "stuck," the dr...

Hit And Run Car Wash Play Video

Hit And Run Car Wash

Greg Benson rolls up to a car wash with a little dirt and a lot of blood on...

Biker Fails At Showing Off Play Video

Biker Fails At Showing Off

58 months ago 191,413 262

Dude tries to show off his motorcycle skills and ends up slamming into the ...

Crazy Tractor Rampage Play Video

Crazy Tractor Rampage

58 months ago 132,936 2

This dude just found out his girlfriend was cheating on him and he goes on ...

French Fireman Olympics Play Video

French Fireman Olympics

These are some pretty cool athletic competitions the firemen compete in. Th...

Lady Gaga Falls Off Her Piano Play Video

Lady Gaga Falls Off Her Piano

58 months ago 534,229 3

This took place at Gaga's recent Monster Ball tour stop in Houston, Tx. Did...

Cat Plays With Dolphin Play Video

Cat Plays With Dolphin

58 months ago 206,884 21

Sometimes you play with your food; other times your food plays with you. <...

Office Pranker Gets Pranked Play Video

Office Pranker Gets Pranked

58 months ago 199,345 1

An office prank gets reversed, and the pranker becomes the prankee. I reall...


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