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11 Creative Homeless Signs View Gallery

11 Creative Homeless Signs

52 months ago 5,785 1

Rather than chasing you down the street for a hand out, many homeless peop...

Short Story Of A Turtle Play Video

Short Story Of A Turtle

52 months ago 54,124 1

The road to success comes through hard work and determination. Just kinda ...

10 Shady Lawyers View Gallery

10 Shady Lawyers

52 months ago 3,713 40,565

We're sure all of these folks are well trained and excellent at what they d...

The Ultimate Frisbee Catch Play Video

The Ultimate Frisbee Catch

52 months ago 69,164 3

In a professional game of Ultimate Frisbee Brent Anderson makes an impossib...

Troll High-Fiving In Pisa Play Video

Troll High-Fiving In Pisa

52 months ago 109,938 10

Every tourist in Pisa takes the exact same picture with their hands in the ...

A Narrow Escape Play Video

A Narrow Escape

52 months ago 61,542 127

Doesn't get any closer than this. A truck driver loses his brakes and jump...

World's Unluckiest Couple Play Video

World's Unluckiest Couple

52 months ago 228,368 57

If you watch close enough the ball actually strikes three people. It first...

Little Girl Walking The Dog Play Video

Little Girl Walking The Dog

52 months ago 66,251 34

Mom told her daughter to take the dog for a walk and she was determined to ...

Sake Bomb Fail Play Video

Sake Bomb Fail

52 months ago 71,165 1

You, sir, have committed a horrendous party foul. We hope he paid for this ...


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