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Awesome Russian Diving Skills Play Video

Awesome Russian Diving Skills

55 months ago 141,676 13

Before you feel jealous about these guys' amazing diving skills, you should...

White Minivan Play Video

White Minivan

55 months ago 39,225 6

Your car says a lot about you. A white minivan says you probably need to no...

Bears Discover How to Relax Play Video

Bears Discover How to Relax

55 months ago 55,185 1

Animal of the day! Bears are crazy animals. One moment, they're trying to d...

Car Jumps Rope Play Video

Car Jumps Rope

55 months ago 82,476 2

This is a cool video of a car jumping rope, but I'm going to have to call f...

10 WTF Car Crashes Play Video

10 WTF Car Crashes

Car crashes happen every day. But, not all car crashes are created equal an...

Saudi Drifting Compilation Play Video

Saudi Drifting Compilation

55 months ago 181,068 8

Apparently, Saudis go through cars like Americans go through Big Macs, with...

Lake Pier Nutshot Accident Play Video

Lake Pier Nutshot Accident

55 months ago 99,303 2

After impaling his junk on this post, this guy will always have this video ...

Michael Buble Heckled By Mom Play Video

Michael Buble Heckled By Mom

55 months ago 852,526 89

A lady interrupts a Michael Buble concert and talks him into letting her fi...

Aftermath Of Bird Strike Play Video

Aftermath Of Bird Strike

55 months ago 89,995 108

Let this be a lesson to all the camera men out there that decide to film th...

Cliff Just Gives Up Play Video

Cliff Just Gives Up

55 months ago 121,222 1

A group of tourists take a trip to watch the beautiful English countryside....


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