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No Arms Tom Petty Play Video

No Arms Tom Petty 99 months ago

This street performer in San Diego has no arms but that doesn't stop him fr...

Full Court Shot At Buzzer Play Video

Full Court Shot At Buzzer 99 months ago

I dont know where this game is being played but this guy makes a heroic ful...

Crazy Bungee Jumper Play Video

Crazy Bungee Jumper 99 months ago

This guy grabs a bungee with just his hands and jumps off. At just the rig...

Cry Me A River Play Video

Cry Me A River 99 months ago

This guy plays hockey for a living. Hes complaining that after his long da...

Vida Guerra Rub Down Play Video

Vida Guerra Rub Down 99 months ago

Video of the man who has the job of oiling up Vida Guerra's beautiful booty...

Looks Like Macs Crash Too Play Video

Looks Like Macs Crash Too 99 months ago

This is a hilarious bunch of clips from a Mac Conference introducing upcomi...

Failed Sand Flip Play Video

Failed Sand Flip 99 months ago

This guy attempts to do a flip from a ledge to the sand. If he's thinking a...

Luke Barats Auto Insurance Play Video

Luke Barats Auto Insurance 99 months ago

Luke Barats from Barats and Bereta has a problem with his auto insurance.

Two Old Men Fighting Play Video

Two Old Men Fighting 99 months ago

Old guys fights are always pretty hilarious. Easily in their 70s, these old...

Date From Hell Play Video

Date From Hell 99 months ago

Finally an episode of Blind Date where the girl looks like a jerk. This wom...

Nasty Stage Fall Play Video

Nasty Stage Fall 99 months ago

Watch this tv guest take a nasty fall off the stage after being introduced....

Weather Man Swears Play Video

Weather Man Swears 99 months ago

I guess this guy thought he wasnt on the air anymore. Woops tomorrows forec...

I Want Those Boots Play Video

I Want Those Boots 99 months ago

If you have never played World of Warcraf then skip this clip. If you have...

Every Thirty Seconds Play Video

Every Thirty Seconds 99 months ago

According to the National Association of Transportation and driving statist...



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