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571 Piccolo Petes Lit At Once Play Video

571 Piccolo Petes Lit At Once

51 months ago 57,261 153

You know how annoying those loud, high-pitched fireworks are? Well, times t...

Meanwhile In Jordan Play Video

Meanwhile In Jordan

51 months ago 36,804 2

A heated debate on live television turns violent when a Jordanian member of...

Color Changing Card Trick Play Video

Color Changing Card Trick

51 months ago 56,918 9

Watch this trick very closely and see if you can detect on your first view ...

Extreme Base Jumping Play Video

Extreme Base Jumping

51 months ago 122,360 15

French base jumper Vincent Descols pulls off some of the most extreme and l...

WTF Is Going On? View Gallery

WTF Is Going On?

51 months ago 5,683 10

Seriously, help us figure out what's going on in these photos.

There, Fixed It View Gallery

There, Fixed It

51 months ago 7,147 2

Some people might think us Americans aren't the brightest people, but let u...

11 Clocks You Should Own View Gallery

11 Clocks You Should Own

51 months ago 3,481 41,565

Most of us probably have a nice Casio watch and maybe use the clock on the ...


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