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14 Patriotic Cosplayers View Gallery

14 Patriotic Cosplayers 28 months ago

There’s really no good time to not dress up like a superhero. It goes with...

Ferrari Accident At Auto Show Play Video

Ferrari Accident At Auto Show 28 months ago

Can you spot the Ferrari driver that just learned how to drive a stick shif...

Impressive Crane Power Play Video

Impressive Crane Power 28 months ago

Here is something you won't see everyday. A crane lifting a crane lifting ...

French Athlete Attacks Mascot Play Video

French Athlete Attacks Mascot 28 months ago

French athlete Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad wins the 3000 metre steeplechase...

9 Girls Dressed as Presidents View Gallery

9 Girls Dressed as Presidents 28 months ago

What better way to celebrate our Independence Day than with Presidential cr...

Rally Cross Jump Fail Play Video

Rally Cross Jump Fail 28 months ago

Anyone that built a Hot Wheels race track as a kid knows exactly how the dr...