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Base Jumper Escapes Arrest Play Video

Base Jumper Escapes Arrest

60 months ago 286,062 5

A base jumper temporarily escapes arrest jumping off the side of a bridge. ...

Robbery In Progress Play Video

Robbery In Progress

60 months ago 147,332 3

Some dude tries to rob the cash register at a Walgreen's but doesn't realiz...

Terrorist Gun Fail Play Video

Terrorist Gun Fail

60 months ago 232,722 34

This terrorist demonstrates the difference between acting intimidating and ...

Tron: Jeremy Play Video

Tron: Jeremy

Ron Jeremy is inside the game, and unlike lesser men, he didn't have to ins...

Buttered Floor Pranks Play Video

Buttered Floor Pranks

When the original Buttered Floor prankster first slathered the dairy produc...

Santa Destroys Beer Pong Game Play Video

Santa Destroys Beer Pong Game

60 months ago 156,389 12

Santa surprises a couple guys by jumping off a roof and interrupting their ...

Guy Gets Stuck In Roof Play Video

Guy Gets Stuck In Roof

60 months ago 157,740 187

His plan is just to stay there since as long as he's there, there's no hole...


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