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Mortar Shell Nut Shot Play Video

Mortar Shell Nut Shot

51 months ago 41,684 154

Here is a stunt that's guaranteed to ruin your weekend.

Bully Gets Beat Up By Skater Play Video

Bully Gets Beat Up By Skater

51 months ago 289,978 3

A skater does everything he can to avoid getting in a fight with some bully...

Floating Light Bulb Play Video

Floating Light Bulb

51 months ago 20,309 41

Nikola Tesla's birthday was yesterday. So here's a belated birthday present...

Meanwhile, in Russia... View Gallery

Meanwhile, in Russia...

51 months ago 4,142 41,565

Another week and another trip back to our friends in Russia.

Talented Homeless Dog Play Video

Talented Homeless Dog

51 months ago 41,621 2

A talented dog has been trained by his homeless owner to walk around outdoo...


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