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Our Favorite Funny Douches View Gallery

Our Favorite Funny Douches

52 months ago 11,190 41,565

Some people are douchey and not fun at all. However, these people are hilar...

16 Adorable Animal Moms View Gallery

16 Adorable Animal Moms

52 months ago 5,964 41,565

In honor of Mother's Day, we thought we'd give you a cute and fun gallery y...

Batman Does The Weather Play Video

Batman Does The Weather

52 months ago 37,071 1

Batman took a break from fighting crime to go do the weather for a local st...

Heavy Weapons Lego Style Play Video

Heavy Weapons Lego Style

52 months ago 23,949 4

This kid builds a working model of a Desert Eagle, AKS-74U, Jungle Carbine,...

Earth Is Amazing Play Video

Earth Is Amazing

52 months ago 83,444 10

If the Earth had a trailer to show other worlds what our planet was like, t...

10 Lawn Mowers of Tomorrow View Gallery

10 Lawn Mowers of Tomorrow

52 months ago 16,803 41,565

Mowing your lawn is chump work, but it needs to be done let your property t...

Guy Uses Chair As A Vehicle Play Video

Guy Uses Chair As A Vehicle

52 months ago 35,836 156

The gas mileage is terrible and you're going to get bugs in your face, but ...

A Real, Working Transfomer Play Video

A Real, Working Transfomer

52 months ago 49,242 62

TAKE OUR MONEY! Also, let's make sure these things don't get too advanced. ...

Vinyl Record Trick Shots Play Video

Vinyl Record Trick Shots

52 months ago 49,842 3

Alternate title: The Most Hipster Video Ever Made. However, still pretty co...


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