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Big Wheels Play Video

Big Wheels

52 months ago 36,228 36

This big dude tasted victory for a moment, then tasted pavement.

Made in Mexico Play Video

Made in Mexico

52 months ago 54,193 1

This week's 'Name This Video' winner is Fernando Valenzuela! Like Us on ...

Hippo Rams Tour Vehicle Play Video

Hippo Rams Tour Vehicle

52 months ago 138,952 3

This hippo clearly doesn't appreciate the fact that people are invading its...

Cash For Dog Gold Play Video

Cash For Dog Gold

52 months ago 28,150 4

Take an awesome dog, have it stare at the camera, add South Park's "Cash fo...

Places We Want To Shop View Gallery

Places We Want To Shop

52 months ago 18,559 6

We have many options for shopping and eating, but these places entice us mo...

Saran Wrap Cat Prank Play Video

Saran Wrap Cat Prank

52 months ago 93,400 6

This prank is the only good reason why you should want to own a cat.

Near Miss Car Accident Play Video

Near Miss Car Accident

52 months ago 82,359 990

Hard to say someone was lucky after getting thrown out of their car, but lo...

Fear Of Heights Play Video

Fear Of Heights

52 months ago 96,889 8

If you're trying to overcome a fear of heights, this 577 ft Russian skyscra...

Man Unfazed By Cop's Taser Play Video

Man Unfazed By Cop's Taser

52 months ago 164,284 44

Usually, you don't have to tell someone to get on the ground when you're sh...

6 Weirdos in Love with Things View Gallery

6 Weirdos in Love with Things

52 months ago 5,482 19

A man can love a woman, a good cigar, the sport of football and even a dog ...


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