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Roundhouse Breaks Kids Nose Play Video

Roundhouse Breaks Kids Nose 76 months ago

These guys were play fighting up until the big dude thought he could throw ...

Excavator Ends Up on Its Side Play Video

Excavator Ends Up on Its Side 76 months ago

Include this guy in the latest unemployment statistics. First he lays down ...

Mustang Drag Race Goes Wrong Play Video

Mustang Drag Race Goes Wrong 76 months ago

One super-charged Mustang against a lime green P.O.S. Which one will actual...

Insane Skydiving Stunt Play Video

Insane Skydiving Stunt 76 months ago

Apparently, just jumping out of a plane isn't enough of a rush for this guy...

Most Awesome: Rockers Play Video

Most Awesome: Rockers 76 months ago

Guitar smashing and axe grinding at their best; here's a hilarious compilat...