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12 Reasons to Love 7-11 View Gallery

12 Reasons to Love 7-11

51 months ago 7,653

7-11 is the greatest thing to happen to corner stores since corners. Mostl...

When Grandpa Attacks Play Video

When Grandpa Attacks

51 months ago 76,524

Now clean your room or next time it’ll be a frozen one.

GIFs Of The Week #3! Read Article

GIFs Of The Week #3!

51 months ago 89,583

It is the end of the week and that means it is time for some awesome GIFs! ...

Ejector Seat: Activated Play Video

Ejector Seat: Activated

51 months ago 59,737

Please exit the vehicle in the most unsafe way you can think of.

Top Ten Faceplants Of 2012 Play Video

Top Ten Faceplants Of 2012

51 months ago 38,976

The bigger the stunt, the harder the fall. There is no worse fail than fall...


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