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Best Puke Save Ever Play Video

Best Puke Save Ever

58 months ago 177,564 1

The remains of dozens of burgers made a bold attempt at an escape from this...

Playful Dog Gets Rejected Play Video

Playful Dog Gets Rejected

58 months ago 429,678 27

I feel bad for this dog, I wish someone would just grab the stick and toss ...

Windsurfing Belly Flop Play Video

Windsurfing Belly Flop

58 months ago 65,760 111

This guy gets big air windsurfing, pulls off two front flips, then belly fl...

How Not To Steal Beer Play Video

How Not To Steal Beer

58 months ago 209,248 4

Maybe this guy should of stole a belt for his pants first.

Dumpster Jump Disaster Play Video

Dumpster Jump Disaster

58 months ago 111,856 2

His parents would probably have preferred that the kid be left in the dumps...

Ducks Mesmerized By Yoyo Play Video

Ducks Mesmerized By Yoyo

58 months ago 121,559 110

Great. Now he has an army of hypnotized ducks. He is unstoppable.

Nu Thang Play Video

Nu Thang

58 months ago 191,276 29

Ironically, this is the only video that plays on TV in hell.

Snowmobile Mountain Slide Play Video

Snowmobile Mountain Slide

58 months ago 187,148 50

A snowmobile rider gets within just a couple feet of the top of a mountain ...


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