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8-Bit Google Maps Play Video

8-Bit Google Maps 30 months ago

For April Fools, Google has announced its newest product: 8-Bit Google maps...

11 Monstrous Dust Storms View Gallery

11 Monstrous Dust Storms 30 months ago

This is what happens every time someone lets Brendan Fraser make a movie.

A Photobomb Surprise Play Video

A Photobomb Surprise 30 months ago

This sailor was coming home for the first time 8 months but didn't tell his...

Painful Longboard Fail Play Video

Painful Longboard Fail 30 months ago

If you're going to do a cool trick on a longboard, make sure you don't do i...

Amazing 86-Year-Old Gymnast Play Video

Amazing 86-Year-Old Gymnast 30 months ago

While she might not be as limber as she once one, this woman is still perfo...

The Taxi Dave Song Play Video

The Taxi Dave Song 30 months ago

the Autotune the News guys bring us their newest hit song based on the awes...