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Grenade Blows Up Russian Boat Play Video

Grenade Blows Up Russian Boat

50 months ago 111,696 15

Russia saves a lot of money on video editing and just opts to blow up their...

Hottest Archer On The Planet Play Video

Hottest Archer On The Planet

50 months ago 184,079 107

The only thing that could have made this shot any better is if she'd been a...

11 Devastating Landslides View Gallery

11 Devastating Landslides

50 months ago 4,653 2

The wrath of nature takes many forms and one of the most unpredictable and ...

Leave Kristen Alone! Play Video

Leave Kristen Alone!

50 months ago 59,132 246

There is nothing we can say about this that can't be better said by our lov...

World's Fastest Pit Stop Play Video

World's Fastest Pit Stop

50 months ago 90,054 128

The World Record for the fastest pit stop was shattered this weekend by Mcl...

Russian Road Rage Revenge Play Video

Russian Road Rage Revenge

50 months ago 99,417 2

There's nothing quite like sending 50 gallons of dirty water through an ope...

13 Skanky Animals View Gallery

13 Skanky Animals

50 months ago 7,526 41,565

Know how much people spend on pets and pet products? Like a bajillion. Smal...

Golf Cart Wedgie Play Video

Golf Cart Wedgie

50 months ago 70,174 2

The Break Summer Games would like to award the gold medal in the "Golf Cart...

You Ever Notice This? View Gallery

You Ever Notice This?

50 months ago 3,832 31

After you see it, you can't un-see it. Seriously, see if you'll look at Eey...


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