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Nasty Leg Break Play Video

Nasty Leg Break

52 months ago 32,805 1

One of the very few times you'll see a red card issued and the player accep...

Spider Killing Gone Bad Play Video

Spider Killing Gone Bad

52 months ago 157,970 28

These guys have 999 problems, but a big spider ain't one.

Wedding Table Dance Fail Play Video

Wedding Table Dance Fail

52 months ago 48,312 66

Not only do the bride and groom take a nasty spill, but they take out some ...

Restless Dog Syndrome Play Video

Restless Dog Syndrome

52 months ago 72,740 2

This week's 'Name This Video' winner is Alex Burs! Like Us on ...

10 Fast Food Box Dinosaurs View Gallery

10 Fast Food Box Dinosaurs

52 months ago 4,851 41,565

You know that little box pizza places have on their websites that let you a...

Crazy Water Optical Illusion Play Video

Crazy Water Optical Illusion

52 months ago 59,247 1

This is a stroboscopic illusion where the water is effected by sound waves ...

Caine's Arcade Play Video

Caine's Arcade

52 months ago 103,769 3,975

A 9 year old boy who built an elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad's used ...

Lucky Chick Near Miss Play Video

Lucky Chick Near Miss

52 months ago 50,956 33

If this woman hesitated just a fraction of a second longer we wouldn't be a...

Exploding Lighter Prank Play Video

Exploding Lighter Prank

52 months ago 72,051 2

This dude pulls off an exploding lighter prank perfectly to a distracted co...


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