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Two Camels, One Car Play Video

Two Camels, One Car

75 months ago 818,607 8

A merchant in the Negev manages to fit two camels into his Subaru to take t...

Sleeping Dog Runs Into Wall Play Video

Sleeping Dog Runs Into Wall

75 months ago 2,945,604 310

Gotta catch that car...gotta catch that car!

It’s depictions of dogs ...

Most Awesome - Fat Americans Play Video

Most Awesome - Fat Americans

75 months ago 224,138 1

We see a lot of fat Americans at Break.com. Here are our top five videos in...

Break Gallery CCLXXII Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXXII

75 months ago 25 0

Break Gallery 272 is sure to provide you with a brief departure from whatev...

Worst Soccer Injury Ever Play Video

Worst Soccer Injury Ever

75 months ago 395,260 13

It's reassuring to know that people other than skaters can break their ankl...

One Dangerous Game of Darts Play Video

One Dangerous Game of Darts

76 months ago 293,303 2

On the internet, one bad decision usually turns into a really, really bad d...


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