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Chubby Kid Knocks Out Bully Play Video

Chubby Kid Knocks Out Bully

52 months ago 516,961 22

A bully won't let this chubby kid walk home after school so the fat kid kno...

Baseball Cheap Shot Play Video

Baseball Cheap Shot

52 months ago 140,892 3

Keep your eye on second base 21 seconds into the clip for the worst cheap s...

Impossible Bike Tricks Play Video

Impossible Bike Tricks

52 months ago 77,375 6

Some of these stunts are insane. It's like parkour, but on a mountain bike...

iPhone 4s Scam From Turkey Play Video

iPhone 4s Scam From Turkey

52 months ago 132,199 2

This dude gets scammed purchasing a cheap iPhone 4s while in Turkey. Every...

The Dancing Burglar Play Video

The Dancing Burglar

52 months ago 61,168 8

CCTV caught this guy practicing his dance moves while hanging around during...

Virginia Beach Jet Crash Play Video

Virginia Beach Jet Crash

52 months ago 37,184 43

Earlier today a Navy F/A-18D crashed into an apartment complex in Virginia ...

Honest Trailers - Titanic Play Video

Honest Trailers - Titanic

52 months ago 24,601 534

James Camerons blockbuster film TITANIC, is back and longer than ever, this...


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