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The Telenovela Strikes Back Play Video

The Telenovela Strikes Back

51 months ago 52,362 29

Ever wished that the Star Wars Saga was a telenovela? Well, wait no more! I...

Hi-Speed Crash On Highway Play Video

Hi-Speed Crash On Highway

51 months ago 88,993 118

Amazing that every single person walked away without even a minor injury on...

Kittens In Sync Play Video

Kittens In Sync

51 months ago 396,147 7

A while back we said we would never do another cat pun in the title of a po...

Anyone Want a Pabst? View Gallery

Anyone Want a Pabst?

51 months ago 12,958 40,565

They say Pabst has been having a resurgence in recent years as a hipster be...

Farting On Dogs Prank Play Video

Farting On Dogs Prank

51 months ago 52,519 4

It's a prank we haven't seen before, that's for sure. This guy goes around ...

The Flying Cat Is Back! Play Video

The Flying Cat Is Back!

51 months ago 45,477 6

This guy took his beloved cat, who passed away, and turned it into a work o...

Mini Michael Jackson Play Video

Mini Michael Jackson

51 months ago 46,515 6

An 8 years old kid dances to "Smooth Criminal" nearly as good as Michael Ja...

How Not To Land A Plane Play Video

How Not To Land A Plane

51 months ago 99,772 2

This pilot did everything perfect during his first landing with the excepti...

12 Odd Urinals View Gallery

12 Odd Urinals

51 months ago 7,984 41,565

When you gotta pee, you gotta pee. Some folks try to spice that event up w...

We Stopped Dreaming II Play Video

We Stopped Dreaming II

51 months ago 42,696 5

'We went to the moon, and we discovered Earth' - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Hilarious Human Puppet Act Play Video

Hilarious Human Puppet Act

51 months ago 153,619 16

Nina Conti takes an audience volunteer and performs one of the funniest ven...


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