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Dog Really Loves Slides Play Video

Dog Really Loves Slides 30 months ago

This dog loves going down playground slides. And, its trained to climb the ...

The Definition Of A Douchebag Play Video

The Definition Of A Douchebag 30 months ago

This gut likes showing us his muscles and his super strong legs. However, h...

Net Jump Fail Play Video

Net Jump Fail 30 months ago

This guy thought he'd try jumping this net with the help of a metal chair. ...

Confused Jason Russell Meme Play Video

Confused Jason Russell Meme 30 months ago

The co-founder of Invisible Children and creator of the "Kony 2012" video g...

Insane Gravity Defying Skills Play Video

Insane Gravity Defying Skills 30 months ago

Brandon McCuien demonstrates his amazing freerunning skills at LoopKicks 20...