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Ridiculous Fire Dunk Play Video

Ridiculous Fire Dunk

When most basketball players get patted on the back by their friends, it's ...

Snowboarder Falls Off Roof Play Video

Snowboarder Falls Off Roof

57 months ago 119,677 369

He should've asked Santa for common sense instead of a snowboard.

Obama Sounds A Little Drunk Play Video

Obama Sounds A Little Drunk

57 months ago 310,605 3

Before giving this speech in Ireland Obama stopped by a local pub and had a...

Surfing The Clouds Play Video

Surfing The Clouds

57 months ago 160,563 5

This guy takes off over the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia in his Airbo...

Ghost Ride Fail Play Video

Ghost Ride Fail

57 months ago 87,280 406

Well, this kid walks away with just some scratches but I guarantee if he st...

Cat Ruins Video Play Video

Cat Ruins Video

57 months ago 144,559 9

An alternate title for this could be cat saves audience.

COD Black Ops Epic Kill Shot Play Video

COD Black Ops Epic Kill Shot

57 months ago 295,726 3

This kid gets the most insanely lucky kill shot, to win a Black Ops match, ...

Dr. Dre As A Kid Play Video

Dr. Dre As A Kid

57 months ago 108,617 9

Dr Dre was an awesome little kid. This is him giving an interview for some...


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