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Monkey Humps Tourist's Head Play Video

Monkey Humps Tourist's Head

57 months ago 92,085 3

This relationship works out perfectly for the monkey because he doesn't rea...

Waitress Takes A Tumble Play Video

Waitress Takes A Tumble

57 months ago 119,624 76

Finally, a waitress who doesn't need a customer to tip her.

Awesome Parkour Brothers Play Video

Awesome Parkour Brothers

57 months ago 376,679 22

These kids are freerunning phenoms, and their video ends on a hilariously s...

The Assumption Song Play Video

The Assumption Song

This is a classic from Break's early days. You know what happens when you a...

Drag Race Start Fail Play Video

Drag Race Start Fail

57 months ago 201,096 6

This dude starts revving his engine before the green light and ends up taki...

Ridiculous Fire Dunk Play Video

Ridiculous Fire Dunk

When most basketball players get patted on the back by their friends, it's ...

Snowboarder Falls Off Roof Play Video

Snowboarder Falls Off Roof

57 months ago 119,677 369

He should've asked Santa for common sense instead of a snowboard.

Obama Sounds A Little Drunk Play Video

Obama Sounds A Little Drunk

57 months ago 310,605 3

Before giving this speech in Ireland Obama stopped by a local pub and had a...


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