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Baseball Sized Hail Storm Play Video

Baseball Sized Hail Storm 29 months ago

How many of you were hoping this punk got hit by one of the enormous pieces...

How To Almost Pick Up Chicks Play Video

How To Almost Pick Up Chicks 29 months ago

This dude could learn a thing or two from the guy in the background 1:38 in...

15 Creepy Stuffed Animals View Gallery

15 Creepy Stuffed Animals 29 months ago

Remember when you were a kid and you had that stuffed leper that oozed onto...

"Bounce" - By Kate Upton Play Video

"Bounce" - By Kate Upton 29 months ago

We're just going to leave this one over here. Enjoy your weekend. And by e...

Double Dutch Dog Play Video

Double Dutch Dog 29 months ago

We were going to follow up this clip with a cat doing the double dutch, but...

Lap Dance Interrupted Play Video

Lap Dance Interrupted 29 months ago

This dude wins a lap dance which causes him to forget about his girlfriend ...