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Dear Mom Play Video

Dear Mom

47 months ago 122,565

She’s a bit of an understated lady but you can tell she’s pretty happy.

Maximus Thor Works Out Play Video

Maximus Thor Works Out

47 months ago 51,696

This "little white boy" works on getting bigger, and it's hilarious.

Vaishu For Vice President! Play Video

Vaishu For Vice President!

47 months ago 13,492

She has to be better than Joe Biden, right? She's at least less drunk.

Dog Has Mastered The Toilet Play Video

Dog Has Mastered The Toilet

47 months ago 53,979

People in a McDonalds restroom haven’t got it mastered as well as this dog.

Motorcycle Vs Bicycles Play Video

Motorcycle Vs Bicycles

47 months ago 43,606

Good thing no one was on a unicycle and hopefully everyone is OK.


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