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Snowmobiler Causes Avalanche Play Video

Snowmobiler Causes Avalanche

74 months ago 189,075 71

A snowmobiler races up a mountainside in Valemount this weekend and nearly ...

Playing With Fire Play Video

Playing With Fire

74 months ago 145,554 1

This guy wants to give his small backyard fire a little kick but ends up bu...

Insane Capoeira Knockout Play Video

Insane Capoeira Knockout

74 months ago 36 1

For the first time in history, Brazilian dance-fighting works in a real MMA...

Wild One Punch Knock Out Play Video

Wild One Punch Knock Out

74 months ago 288,986 1

These kids are boxing in a basement and one of them does a full spin punch ...

Fan Saves Sunbathing Hottie Play Video

Fan Saves Sunbathing Hottie

74 months ago 304,190 49

Sunbathing can be a dangerous activity, as shown in this great video. This...

Man Rides 100 MPH Zipline Play Video

Man Rides 100 MPH Zipline

74 months ago 226,358 5

All you need is a missile suit and a mile of steel cable, and you too can b...

Painful BMX Crash In The Park Play Video

Painful BMX Crash In The Park

74 months ago 101,071 3

On the upside, this kid gets a solid three seconds of hang time. On the dow...

Break Gallery CCLXXXII Play Video

Break Gallery CCLXXXII

74 months ago 33 0

Break Gallery 282 is packed with tons of awesome pics gathered from all ove...

Two Geese Attack AIG Employee Play Video

Two Geese Attack AIG Employee

74 months ago 194,353 83

I am not sure how these geese got screwed by AIG but the first employee the...


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