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In Descent Proposal Play Video

In Descent Proposal

49 months ago 109,379 54

The best proposals are the ones that happen after she fear craps her pants.

NFL Match-Up: Week Four View Gallery

NFL Match-Up: Week Four

49 months ago 5,030 3

Hey, here is a lady on the left and one on the right. Pick the one you'd li...

Boards Defeat Karate Master Play Video

Boards Defeat Karate Master

49 months ago 118,841 9

This is... perseverance? Dude, you've created hairline fractures in both th...

Fast, Furious and Filched Play Video

Fast, Furious and Filched

49 months ago 85,567 72

If you leave the keys in your shiny, yellow douchemobile, you’re asking for...

A Homemade Russian Cannon Play Video

A Homemade Russian Cannon

49 months ago 47,302 1

Within the year, we're going to see this attached to a car and shooting int...


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