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Chick In Hula Hoop On GoPro Play Video

Chick In Hula Hoop On GoPro

57 months ago 91,118 670

Attaching a Go Pro to a hula hoop results in a pretty cool video of this gi...

Best Playground Idea Ever Play Video

Best Playground Idea Ever

57 months ago 165,675 3

Got to give the second kid some credit. He watches his buddy immediately f...

Dance Rival Nutshot Play Video

Dance Rival Nutshot

57 months ago 75,121 337

During a dance competition this dude accidentally kicks another competitor ...

Have You Ever Had A Dream... Play Video

Have You Ever Had A Dream...

57 months ago 158,137 6

You know your dream is boring when your brain loses interest in it before y...

Inappropriate Spider-Man Toy Play Video

Inappropriate Spider-Man Toy

57 months ago 131,078 593

Evildoers, beware! Once his spidey sense starts tingling, there's no tellin...

Rabbit Born Without Ears Play Video

Rabbit Born Without Ears

57 months ago 110,462 1

At least he won't be able to hear the other rabbits laughing at him.

Dog Goes Crazy Over Balloons Play Video

Dog Goes Crazy Over Balloons

57 months ago 128,584 1,449

This dog's owners threw him a second birthday party that he'll never forget...

Kid's Face Vs Dock Play Video

Kid's Face Vs Dock

57 months ago 87,083 68

This time you've gone too far. That's what the kid said to his arm as it tw...

Funny "Nice Guys" Song Play Video

Funny "Nice Guys" Song

This is a hilarious song by KevJumba that you'll either love or be too busy...


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